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Riding a bicycle is significant in many different ways for all kinds of people.  For some, riding is a competitive sport.  Others simply do it for exercise, while many choose to ride as a hobby.

Whichever way you prefer to enjoy riding a bicycle, there are a number of safety rules you must know while riding on the road, bike trails, and sidewalks.  These rules are crucial for your safety and the safety of others when you are riding alongside cars and other bikes.

Here are some bike safety laws and guidelines to help prevent injury while riding a bicycle:

Wear a Helmet

Protecting your head is vital when riding. Be sure to have it buckled and strapped on tight so that it is covering your forehead.  The helmet should not be sagging near the back of your head.

Stay Visible

You must assume you are riding as if you were a car.  You need to stay in your appropriate lane signal when you are preparing to make a turn.  If you are riding at night, you need to have a light on the back of your bike and be sure to wear bright colors.  It is also important to ride in the same direction of traffic.

Turn Signals

If you are going to ride in the bike lane, you must learn how to signal.  These are all done with your arms to let passing cars know where you are turning or stopping.

  • Left – Extend your left arm straight out sideways from your body.
  • Right – Extend your left arm out at a 90 degree angle pointing upward.  You may also extend your right arm straight out sideways from your body.
  • Stop – Extend your left arm out at a 90 degree angle pointing downward.

Prepare Before You Ride

You should make sure you are comfortable when riding your bicycle, but also make sure that your bike is in good condition. Adjust the seat and other features to make sure your ride as smooth as possible.  Check to make sure your brakes are working, that your tires aren’t flat, that the chains are good and tight, etc. Check the weather and road or trail conditions of the day you hope to ride. Ask someone to ride with you if you are riding a new trail.

Do Not Get Distracted

Using your cell phone or other electronic devices while riding is not a good idea. Your attention should be on your surroundings. Your priority – aside from enjoying your ride – is to keep yourself and others safe.

As fun as riding can be, it has its share of possible dangers if you are not paying attention.  Following these guidelines while riding your bike could save your life.  Accidents can be prevented.

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