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Motorcycle Accidents: Safety on the Road

Reports show that there were over 5,000 people killed in motorcycle accidents in 2015. That is a 10% increase from 2014. Furthermore, it is close to an all time high of 5,300 in 2008. Many, if not all of these fatal accidents are preventable. Education on motorcycle safety and prevention will greatly decrease the number of motorcycle related deaths in the United States. So our accident lawyer has put together some facts.

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Common Causes of Accidents

  • Head on collisions between a car and motorcycle
  • Cars making left-hand turns
    • these account for 42% of motorcycle accidents
      • the turning car strikes the motorcycle as the motorcycle is going through an intersection, passing a car, etc.
  • Motorcycle lane splitting – when the motorcycle drives between two lanes of stopped or slowing moving cars
    • this can happen because of the close proximity of the motorcycles to the cars and the reduced space that the motorcycles have to maneuver in
  • Speeding and alcohol use
  • Road hazards and/or bad weather conditions

Safety Tips

  • Utilize the turn signal
  • Make sure there is enough room between cars and the bike
  • Wear a helmet
  • Do your best not to speed
  • Don’t ride when weather conditions are not ideal

It is interesting to note, that even though California has implemented a helmet law, helmets are only effective 67% of the time when it comes to preventing serious brain injury.

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The idea is to enjoy riding, but also remember to be careful of things that could potentially be a hazard to you and other riders.

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