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Pedestrian Accident Do’s & Dont’s

Pedestrian accidents have been on the rise lately. This is due to more people walking and/or biking in order to preserve energy. If you have been involved in an accident with a pedestrian there are some things you need to keep in mind so as to not make matters worse. Our injury lawyer put together some helpful Do’s and Don’ts if you happen to hit a pedestrian:

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  • Stop the car if you hit someone and make sure they are okay. It is a crime to leave the scene of an accident after you have hit someone
  • See if the pedestrian needs any aid. Check to see if they have any injuries and if they need any kind of aid that you cannot give them, call 911
  • Call the police so they can take a statement from each party involved
  • Cooperate with law enforcement and emergency responders (should you need to)
  • Exchange information with each party involved in the accident. Write down the name, number, address, etc. of all people involved. If there are any witnesses, you will want to get their information as well
  • Take pictures of any damage or injuries caused by the accident
  • Contact an attorney


  • Leave the scene of the accident. It is customary to stay at the scene until all information has been exchanged and the authorities give the green light to go
  • Throw away or hide evidence from the police. Anything that is relevant to the accident and injuries should be persevered
  • Discuss the accident with anyone
  • Agree to a settlement without discussing terms with an attorney.

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