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How to Prevent a Dog Bite

dog bite lawyer

On average there are approximately 4.5 million dog bites a year in the United States and according to the CDC website, “almost 1 out of 5 bites becomes infected.”

Dogs have the reputation for being “man’s best friend.” And generally they are. There are many benefits to having a dog as a pet: they can decrease our stress levels, help us to increase our activity levels when we play with them and take them for walks, and are wonderful playmates and companions for our children. But there are times when they do bite and those bites can cause pain, injury, nerve damage, infections, etc.

Though the idea of having a dog shouldn’t scare anyone off, we have compiled some ways to help prevent a dog bite.

  • Children and men are more susceptible to being bitten by dogs
  • Most dog bites happen at home or with dogs who are familiar to us

Ways to Prevent a Dog Bite

  • when approached by an unfamiliar dog, try to remain motionless
  • if you notice that a dog is starting to get aggressive, curl into a ball with your head tucked and your hands over your ears and neck – this is most important if the dog has managed to knock you to the ground
  • immediately let another Animal Control know about any stray dogs or dogs that are behaving strangely
  • do not approach a dog that you are not familiar with
  • do not run from the dog
  • try your best not to panic, make loud noises, or make any sudden movements
  • do not disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for its puppies
  • let the dog sniff you before you pet the dog
  • do not act or play aggressively with the dog
  • do not let little children play with a dog unsupervised

These are just some helpful tips on the best ways to prevent dog bites. Though we do not believe that you should live in fear of dogs, dogs make wonderful companions, there are certain instances when a dog may bite – and it is best to be prepared for anything.

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