Road Rage Incident in South LA

Last week we did a post about road rage and how to get those bouts of road rage under control. Apparently Dashanie Colvin and Yaya Shabazz did not read our article. The aforementioned were both involved in what people are calling a “demolition derby-style” road rage fight in South LA the other day. The video of the two women fighting has been viewed and shared on social media thousands, if not millions of times.

The two women have conflicting stories of what happened in the incident. Shabazz saying that Colvin rear-ended her, then pulled over, and the other woman got out of the car and spit in her face. Colvin is stating that she did not rear-end Shabazz’s car, saying that Colvin would try to cut her off in every lane and it was Shabazz who spit on Colvin and not the other way around. Either way, the situation escalated a lot quicker than necessary.

In the video you can see the women arguing and an actual physical altercation between two people. The two women both state that the altercation was unnecessary.

The holidays have everyone on edge a little bit more than usual. Let’s try to drive carefully and remember to respect each other on the roads, use turn signals, don’t follow too closely, etc.

If you have been injured in an accident due to road rage, please contact us today to discuss your case and know your rights. Consultations are free.

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