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Myths & Facts on Insurance Claim Rates

As an auto injury attorney, we get asked if it is true that your insurance rates will automatically go up after you file a claim. We wanted to put a little more clarity on those rumors so you do not have any reservations if/when the time comes that you may need to hire an auto injury lawyer. When you or your car accident lawyer in San Juan Capistrano file a claim with your insurance company that does not necessarily mean that you will be paying more for your car insurance. What any car crash lawyer and insurance agent want you to know is that your insurer will consider many factors before they decide to adjust your rate, and there may even be reasons that your premium may stay the same. Silverthorne Attorneys’ car crash attorney goes over five factors that will determine whether making a claim will increase your insurance rate.

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Auto Injury Lawyer – The Severity of the Accident

Every auto injury attorney will tell you that no 2 claims look the same to a car insurance company. For instance, having a windshield replaced after a tree branch falls on the hood of your car is different from a major at-fault collision. It all depends on the severity of the collision and the cost of the claim.

Car Crash Lawyer – Your Driving History

Car insurance companies love safe a driver, so if you haven’t gotten a ticket or had any major incident – a minor fender bender most likely will not impact your rate at all. Rates will usually jump when a company considers a driver to be a liability.

As with anything, your auto injury attorney can tell you that customer loyalty counts big time to insurance companies! Insurance companies appreciate customers who have a history with them.

Auto Injury Attorney – Insurer Looks at Who’s to Blame

Most insurance companies do not believe that you should be punished if you just happen to have a stroke of bad luck. If a reckless driver crashes into you, and you are not at fault, your insurer may not raise your rates. If, on the other hand, you are the one found at fault for the accident and depending upon how many accidents you have made claims on, your premium may go up.

As a car crash lawyer, we want to warn you, if you have been found to be driving recklessly or under the influence of a substance, you can either see a huge jump in your rate, or even worse, your policy may be cancelled altogether.

Car Crash Attorney on No-Fault or Not

As any car crash lawyer in San Juan Capistrano can tell you, insurance companies pay out on claims when their policy holder is determined to be at fault in the collision. But! In no-fault states, your insurance is guaranteed to pay some portion of a claim, no matter who is to blame. That means that as the policy holder, it is more likely that your insurance will go up after making your claim.

Policy Details

Many insurance companies these days are getting more and more competitive with their rates, so they offer something called “accident forgiveness” for small claims. Accident forgiveness allows you to file one or more small claims without affecting your rates.

What accident forgiveness means for your policy depends on your provider and their standards – it is wise to always review and learn your policy to see how your insurer will handle your claim.

We hope that this helps to dispel some common myths about having to file a claim after your accident.

If you have been injured in an accident and need an Orange County car accident attorney, please contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free.

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