Dump Truck Injures Worker in Lake Forest

LAKE FOREST, CA: On January 18th, 2017, a construction worker had his arm stuck in the back of a dump truck tailgate while on the worksite. It took about 40 minutes for the rescue team to get his arm released from the tailgate of the truck. An incident like this has occurred twice in Orange County in the past three months, however the other worker was killed in a vehicle unloading incident. Kurtz, the Orange County Fire Authority Captain, stated that these men retried above and beyond to work with these kinds of tools. As of now, the victims was airlifted to the nearest hospital and remains in stable conditions.

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SOURCE: http://patch.com/california/missionviejo/s/g06ca/workers-arm-trapped-in-grizzly-lake-forest-dumptruck-accident-ocfa

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