Dog Park Safety Tips for the Family

This time of year, there is generally a surge in people visiting dog parks in San Clemente – especially with the weather getting warmer. San Clemente dog bite attorney Silverthorne Attorneys has put together some dog park safety tips; for when you take the dog to the park.

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  • Choose the right dog park for you. Not all dog parks are off-leash dog parks, so make sure that you choose one that is right for you and your pet. Most off-leash dog parks should have the following:
    • A double gated entry, with secure fencing and rules of the park posted for everyone to see
    • There should be well-stocked poop-bag-dispensers and trash cans around the park
    • Separate areas for small and large dogs
    • A sheltered/shady area with seating
    • Dog-friendly water fountains
  • Make sure your dog has received and is up to date on their vaccinations before taking them to the park. If your dog happens to be involved in a fight with another dog at the park, you will be required to show proof.
  • Make sure your pet is responsive to the basic obedience commands that you have trained them for. Sit, stay, leave it, etc.
  • Bring the following supplies with you:
    • Poop bags – just in case not enough are provided
    • leash
    • Cell phone in case you have to make emergency calls
    • Something to break up a fight, perhaps an airhorn
  • Be aware of the differences in play and aggression in animals.
    • A dog showing aggression often has a stiff stance, hair goes up, and starts growling.
  • Our San Clemente dog bite attorney suggests that, if your dog is being aggressive towards other dogs during play, it is best to remove your dog and try to go back another day.

We hope these tips help you on your next trip to the dog park.

If you have been injured by a dog and need a San Clemente personal injury attorney to be your dog attack lawyer, contact us today. Consultations are free!

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