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Preventing Dog Attacks in Laguna Niguel

A dog has long had the label of being “man’s best friend;” a part of the family, and be that family’s pride and joy just like one of the children. However, sometimes things go wrong and a dog can bite another human being or another dog. Several people suffer dog bites throughout a year, and some of those dog bites are serious and severe that medical attention is needed. Here, Laguna Niguel dog bite attorney, Silverthorne Attorneys, has put together some safety tips – not only in preventing a dog bite, but also injuries most people suffer from when bitten by an animal.

How and Where a Dog Can Attack

A dog attack can happen at almost any time and under any circumstance. If an aggressive animal is on a leash and that leash is broken or the dog happens to run away – a dog attack can occur. There is very little known cause as to why most dog bites occur. However, Laguna Niguel dog bite lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys knows, oftentimes, dogs have a tendency to attack because they feel some sort of threat directed at them or their owner(s). When an attack occurs, it is understandable that most owners will state that their dog has never attacked anyone before.

What Kind Of Injuries Can Someone Suffer From A Dog Bite?

  • A bite can tear a wound or puncture a wound
  • The dog can knock someone over and cause an injury to the head
  • Someone’s face can be scarred from being bitten by a dog
  • Broken bones
  • Psychological and emotional injuries
  • Unfortunately, dog bites can result in the death of someone

How to Prevent a Dog Attack

  • Do not approach or walk towards a dog you do not know
  • Do not disturb a dog
  • If you want to pet a dog, let the dog sniff you first
  • Try to remain as still as possible if an unknown dog is close to you
  • Do not look directly into the eyes of a dog
  • Do not run from the dog

If you have been injured by a dog and need a Laguna Niguel personal injury attorney to be your dog attack lawyer, contact us today. Consultations are free!


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