Five Reasons Dogs Bite in San Clemente

As San Clemente dog bite lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys can attest to, approximately almost four and a half million people a year and about a fifth of those victims end up needing some form of medical attention. Below, San Clemente dog bite attorney, Silverthorne Attorneys has put together a list of the top five reasons dog bites occur.

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Dogs can be quite possessive when it comes to their “property” – their humans, their food, toys, etc. Guard dogs and especially hearing breeds tend to be the most common offenders. The best thing owners can do is to start training early.


Fear is generally directed towards strangers in unfamiliar situations. Never approach an unfamiliar dog and teach children to do the same. Fear bites often occur when a dog has become startled, so minimizing situations in which a dog is startled or uncomfortable is ideal. Early socialization with people, and other animals may minimize the risk of your dog having phobias.


If an animal is in pain, it is crucial to be gentle around animals who are experiencing any kind of pain. If your dog because snippy for no reason, consider pain to be a possible motive and schedule an appointment with a veterinarian.

Maternal Instincts

If a dog has just given birth to puppies, she is most likely to bite when someone or something comes too close. Teach children to not approach puppies around the mother and use caution when handling the puppies yourself.


This usually occurs when you are running or biking past a dog that can result in a chase. Make sure that you are aware of your environment while you are jogging and see a stray dog roaming on its own. Do not try to make eye contact with the animal, as the dog will see this as a challenge and chase you. A dog may come up to you and sniff you, but may find you uninteresting and move on to something else.

Make sure that you are taking every precaution when it comes to being around an unfamiliar animal.

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