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The Importance of Obedience Training in Ladera Ranch

As a Ladera Ranch dog bite lawyer we know that obedience training can fill many purposes in regards to our relationships with our animals. Training our furry companions can fix bad habits, but some commands are critical for your dog’s safety, as well as the safety of others. We have done some research on the top three commands that can help not only prevent an attack, but will also prevent your dog from being harmed.

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Command One: Come!

Come when being called is probably one of the most common commands that dog owners utilize. It is also one of the most appreciated by owners. This command is useful when your dog gets loose near traffic – it can literally save a life. This command is best used the following ways.

  • In your home when he is busy with something else
  • In the yard when he’s not ready to go inside
  • When he has something he shouldn’t
  • When loose in a large fenced area
  • While playing with other dogs
  • In the presence of other people

The fastest and easiest way to improve the dog’s recall is to practice. Practice makes perfect.

Command Two: Leave it!

A dog that responds well to the “leave it” command can be saved from all sorts of hazards. If your dog is familiar with “leave it,” they should respond:

  • Both on and off the leash
  • for food, toys, garbage, other animals
  • when things drop or fall to the floor – like food

The dog should understand that going after what they are seeking is not always good for them. They should be able to tell in the tone of your voice, to leave it!

Command Three: Wait!

Wait is related to stay and Ladera Ranch dog attack attorney Silverthorne Attorneys believes that they are interchangeable. Wait can prevent injuries to your dog and others. They should understand if your dog will:

  • Wait at the front or back door – even when a visitor arrives
  • Wait before going on a walk outside

These are just a few of the commands that Ladera Ranch dog attack lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys suggests for your dog in obedience school.

If you have been injured or know someone who has been injured due to a dog attack, please contact a Ladera Ranch dog attack attorney in our office today. Consultations are free!

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