How to Stop Play Biting in Lake Forest

Accidental play biting happens when playtime gets a little too rough. The main cause for play biting usually is due to too much excitement during play time. One tip that we have as a Lake Forest dog bite attorney is to make sure that you are teaching your dog how to control their excitement so they can play more gently. Some simple tricks:

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  • Teach your dog to sit for a treat. Before play time, that is when it is okay to add some mild excitement on your part – make funny noises, wave your hands, etc. Before you see your dog become overly excited, freeze and stand tall – tell your dog to sit and then reward him when he does. Keep on repeating this exercise, increasing the time and wildness of your actions. Do not add any more excitement than your dog can tolerate without starting to bite.

Once your dog learns to play gently, start including the trick in your fetch and tug-o-war games. You will be able to use the freeze-and-sit skill any time your dog starts acting overwhelmingly excited.

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