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Squeaky Tires? Here Are Reasons Why!

I recently bought a new car and like I have said before, I commute to work. I put roughly 310 miles on my car from my commute alone. So this morning, as I was making a u-turn, I noticed that my tires make a screeching noise. Now, I am the daughter of a mechanic and working for an accident attorney, I know that it is important to pay attention to every sound, smell, everything that may be different about your car. And working for a car accident lawyer, I thought it would be a good idea to do some research on why my tires were squeaking. Below are some reasons why your tires may screech or squeak. If you are suffering from injuries, do not hesitate to contact an accident attorney in our office.

Accident Attorney | Tire Squeals & Turning

There are a few common reasons why tires squeal when turning corners. Those reasons include:

  • Underinflation;
  • Worn or uneven tread;
  • Wheels are misaligned;
  • There is an issue with the wheel, steering, and/or suspension.

I do want to note that tires have the tendency to also squeal when making a u-turn or making any sort of tight turn if the roads are wet and there is not enough traction on the roads for your tires to grip.


If there is a squeak or squall in one front tire when you are turning tight corners, check your tire pressure. Under-inflated tires are the key reason for most squealing. Make sure you are checking your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure, then inflate if need be. It is also handy to have a tire pressure gauge on hand. I always recommend keeping a small tool box in the trunk of your car. Most tool boxes include air pressure gauges. If yours does not, Target sells them for a decent price.

It is recommend to check the pressure in your tires every 1,000 miles. For commuters like myself, they suggest checking tire pressure every week.

Worn or Uneven Tread

My old car had so many problems with the tread. And I will be honest, I do drive a bit fast. However, tire tread is what provides you with enough traction. And when there is a lack of tread it makes the tires squeal when turning corners. Especially tight corners. Tires are legally considered bald and dangerous at 2/32″ tread depth. However, it is possible to notice traction loss at 5/32″.

Uneven wear can make your tires squeal much sooner. Only a portion of the tire wears prematurely when this is the case. Uneven tire wear can also indicate issues with alignment, wheel and suspension part damage or wear, etc. To avoid uneven wear, make sure you are checking the balance of your tires and rotate your tires to achieve proper weight distribution.

Wheel Misalignment

If the camber and toe settings goes off, the tires may start to wear unevenly and touch the road at the wrong angle. This can cause all sorts of noises in your car.

Your suspension position may be thrown off when you hit a large curb, pothole, etc. It is important to note that your wheel alignment is different than tire balancing. One is suspension positioning, while the other is weight distribution within your tires.

Non Tire Related Issues

There are a few non-tire-related issues behind why there may be a squeal or screech when turning your wheel. Some of those are:

  • Damaged Belt – If the squealing increases when you are turning corners at a faster speed, the engine belt may be worn or damaged. It may become one of the causes of the power steering pump to malfunction.
    • The main sign of a damaged belt is a heavy steering wheel.
  • Faulty Wheel Bearing – Faulty or worn out bearings or axle can create the friction that causes a squealing sound. Bearings act like a pillow between the axle and wheel so if you do not change them regularly, they may cause a grinding sound.
  • Dry Steering/Suspension – If steering or suspension needs lubrication, they may make a sound like a tire squeal when turning corners.
  • Low Power Steering Fluid – If you hear a tire squeal when turning corners, this could be due to lack of power steering fluid. In this case, the noise will come out once you turn the steering wheel. Check for any leaks that may look pink or red.

Accident Attorney | Simple Solutions

This article isn’t to scare anyone. But to inform you. And there are simple solutions to these issues.

  • Regular tire pressure checks;
  • Proper tire maintenance routine;
  • Proper vehicle maintenance routine.

We know that suffering from injuries due to an unexpected event is very stressful. That is why we are here to help. A car accident lawyer in our firm wants you to know that you are not alone. As your accident attorney, we believe that you deserve the time to heal from your injuries. You should not have to deal with the insurance companies who will likely give you the run around or leave you out in the cold.

If you are suffering from injuries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Consultations with an attorney in our office are free!

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