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Evaluating Damages After an Accident

As a car accident attorney, Ian Silverthorne knows that one of the biggest worries after your accident is assessing yourself for injuries. It is usually up to the insurance companies to determine the damages after an accident. Here are some helpful things you can do to help your auto accident lawyer put your claim together. Remember, the first thing you want to do after your accident is make sure that you and any passengers are not injured. If you are suffering from injuries due to an accident, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your case. Consultations with an attorney in our office are free!

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Car Accident Attorney | Seek Medical Treatment & Obtain Records

Again, once you have been in accident, make sure you and anyone else in your car is not seriously injured. If anyone in the accident is seriously injured, call an ambulance right away. It is extremely important that they get medical attention immediately.

Make sure to get copies of all of your treatment records, medical bills, medical records, etc. This will not only help in the claims process but it will also help your car accident attorney determine the value of your case. Once we have you signed on as a client, our case managers will also obtain any and all medical records and billing. We ask that you are honest about what treatment you have received (if any). Again, this makes it easier for us to be able to put a demand together.

Take Pictures & Notes of Damage

As always, take pictures of the damage done to your car during the accident. Take pictures of the interior as well as exterior. Close-up and far away. Any angle you can get of the damages done. That way, the insurance company will get a good idea of the extent of the damages to the car. Also, make sure to take pictures that show the location (if you can) and the license plate of each car involved in the accident.

Make note of any personal property that is also damaged in the accident. This can include anything from a laptop, purse, cell phone. Though this does not include anything that has been lost or stolen, there is a chance that you will be able to make a property damage claim.

Give an Account of the Accident

In more serious cases, people call the police to take down a report. If that is not something you do at the scene, make sure you write down your account and the description of the accident. If the police do not take a report at the scene, your written account will be helpful when you later report it to the police. The police report will be extremely helpful for a few reasons. Determining liability, determining damages, evaluating the cause of the accident, etc. If the police don’t make it to the scene, make sure you file a police report right away. The more proactive you are after your accident, the better your case will be.

Do Not Admit Guilt

Even if you feel sorry about the accident, as most people do, do not admit fault, ever. This is because the insurance companies will take it and they will then put you at-fault for the accident. Even if they do not have evidence that you are at-fault, if you admit to fault, they will likely use that against you. And you may not have a case after that.

Additional Damages

You should also be aware, that when we put together our demand, we can also ask that you receive compensation for loss of income, pain and suffering, or permanent physical injuries. Make sure to keep track of the days you have had to take off work due to the injuries that directly correlate to your accident.

  • Obtaining payment for medical bills and loss of income are easily calculable. However, if you need additional medical treatment, or the injuries have left you with permanent damage, seeking an attorney is the best case scenario to getting the compensation you deserve.
    • This includes any emotional distress. Your auto accident lawyer will be able to ask for such things in their demand after you complete treatment.
  • General damages are calculated based on the severity of the accident. Sometimes they are calculated using a multiple that includes the following:
    • Medical bills are usually calculated using a multiple based on the severity of your injuries:
      • An example: relatively non-serious injuries might have a multiple of two, whereas extremely serious injuries may have one as high as 10.

Auto Accident Lawyer | Know Your Rights

We know that the time after an accident is always difficult. That is why a car accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys is here to help. We want to make sure you are aware of your rights. And we are here to protect those rights when you are being taken advantage of by insurance adjusters.

If you are suffering from injuries due to an accident, please do not hesitate to contact our office. An auto accident lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys will help you with your case. Consultations are always free!

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