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Being Safe at Traffic Lights

Traffic lights can be a pain. Especially if you are stuck in traffic and late for work. Traffic lights are designed to increase safety by enforcing the rules of the road and by regulating the flow of traffic. Any accident lawyer can tell you that traffic lights work much better when everyone is following the rules. Below, our auto accident attorney has put together some ways to stay safe at traffic lights. If you are suffering from injuries due to an accident, contact us to discuss your case. Consultations are free!

Accident Lawyer | Staying Safe at Traffic Lights

One of the first things to do in order to stay safe at traffic lights is to follow the traffic rules. Proceed through green lights and look for pedestrians and bicyclists when you are in a populated area. If you are turning at a light that does not have a green arrow, yield to traffic going straight. Only make your turn when traffic has cleared.

Yellow Lights

The rule is to slow down at yellow lights. We know that some people generally like to speed through the yellow lights. Use your best judgment on whether or not you can safely go through or if you need to slow down to a stop. If you risk a rear-end collision or think you will have to stop in the middle of the intersection, keep going. However, if you have enough space and time to safely stop, do so.

Red Lights

Stop completely on red lights. This is kind of a no-brainer; however, there are people who run red lights. Sometimes this happens because people are not paying attention. Other times it happens because people are going too fast to slow down in time. When you approach a red light, brake slowly and steadily. Make sure to stop far enough back so that you can see the rear tires of the car ahead of you. Do not run red lights; not if you can help it. It is not only illegal but it puts you at risk of a ticket. Not only that, but running a red light puts you and others on the road at risk for an accident. Red light cameras exist at almost every intersection. They are used to give out traffic tickets without the presence of police.

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Stopping at Intersections with Crosswalks

When you are stopping at a light, make sure you are stopping behind the first white line. There are many times I have been stopped at a light and have seen people stopped in the middle of the crosswalk. Working for an auto accident attorney and living in Southern California, I see this quite a bit. Believe it or not, it is actually illegal to stop past the white line or in the middle of a crosswalk. You not only make this dangerous for pedestrians, but for other drivers on the road.

Turning Right on Red

In California, unless otherwise noted, it is perfectly legal to turn right on red. However, we suggest that you only do this if it is safe. Look both ways for pedestrians and bicyclists before turning. This will help to ensure their safety as well as yours. Look around for signs posted that may say “No Turn on Red” or “No Turn on Red While Children are Present,” etc.

On the other hand, do not attempt to turn left on a red light unless you are turning onto a one-way street. The most important thing is safety, always. Not only for yourself, but for other drivers, pedestrians, and anyone else utilizing the roads at the same time.

Yielding to Pedestrians

Even if there is not a clearly marked crosswalk, sometimes there are implied crosswalks. This is where there is a dip in the sidewalk and only a single white line over half of the street. Yield to pedestrians and cyclists, even at these assumed crosswalks. They always have the right-of-way and it is safer to remain stopped until you see the crosswalk is clear. Be aware that in some places you can be fined for not yielding to pedestrians or bicyclists in a marked (or assumed) crosswalk.

Practice safe driving. Not only to keep yourself and any passengers safe, but to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe as well.

Injured? Contact an Auto Accident Attorney Today!

Suffering from injuries due to an accident is very difficult. Some accidents can be traumatic and lead to other issues. You should never have to take your case on yourself. Especially when it comes to dealing with insurance adjusters. You should know, adjusters are not on your side. Their job is to save their company money; even if that means lowballing your settlement or denying your claim altogether.

Our job, as your accident lawyer is to make sure you are not taken advantage of. We believe that you should be focusing on healing and getting your health back after your accident. We will take care of insurance adjusters.

If you are suffering from serious injuries due to an accident, please contact an auto accident attorney in our office. Consultations with an accident lawyer in our office are free!

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