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Dangers of Speeding in the Mountains

For the next month or so, Silverthorne Attorneys’ blog will be on the road and we will be discussing all different topics as the month of September rolls along. Today, we are going to discuss the dangers of speeding when traveling through the mountains.  Working for an accident lawyer in Southern California, we don’t usually travel through mountains to get anywhere. Usually, we sit in a lot of traffic. Today’s post will be something different. As I was driving from Northern California, up the 5 freeway, into Oregon, I couldn’t help but notice has reckless people drive through the mountains. Below are some of the dangers that come with driving through the mountains. If you have been injured in an accident, contact an auto accident attorney in our office. Consultations are free!

accident lawyer, auto accident attorney

Accident Lawyer | Dangers of Speeding

We already know the dangers of speeding on the highway. However, speeding on the highway when you are in the mountains is a completely different beast. I will not lie, there were times I got a  little anxious when I saw people blasting by me at nearly 80mph through the mountains. And I could not help but think, “how are they making these turns that fast and not freaking out?” That aside, there are real dangers to speeding through areas such as these.

Speeding in and of itself can be dangerous. It can cause an accident that can leave people seriously injured. Most people forget that, even though they are sitting still, their “still” body is also going whatever speed the car is traveling at. For instance, if you’re traveling at 70mph, your body is also traveling at that speed. Even though it feels as if you are sitting still and not moving. You should also be aware that traveling at speeds that are not necessarily considered “too fast” or even the speed limit can cause damage if you are in an accident.

Things to Remember

While it is lucky to say that there were guardrails as I was driving through the mountains, in some terrains there are not. Which means that speeding along through the sharp turns can be extra dangerous. Please always be cautious of this. Also, if you are someone who is anxious, like I can be, never be afraid to drive in the slow lane. Something I have learned from living in Southern California and working for an auto accident attorney is that you truly never can be too cautious when you are driving. This is especially true when you are driving in the mountains.

Those Curves

Believe it or not, speeding around curves can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Even if you feel that you are confident, do your best to be careful. There are more big-rigs on the road than you think or likely will expect. I caution everyone to be careful and make sure they are keeping their eyes on the road. If you have any distractions, try to free yourself of those while you are driving.

While you may not get great cell service during this drive, you sure will see a lot of beautiful mountains and trees along the way. It is worth keeping your eyes on the road for and paying as much attention as you can.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney if you have Been Injured!

Being on the road the last few days has been an interesting experience. There are so many different views of life and the road outside of California that I look forward to sharing with everyone over the next month.

Remember, be careful out there on those Orange County freeways. Be cautious of those winding roads and your speed. Take precautions when it comes to any outside distractions.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact us to discuss your case. Every accident lawyer in our office has experience dealing with insurance companies and getting our clients the settlement they deserve. We never back down to the bullying tactics of the insurance adjusters. The lawyers in our firm have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters and we believe in doing what is right for our clients. The only thing you should truly be focusing on is getting your health back. Leave the rest to us.

Consultations with one of our auto accident attorneys are free!

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