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Construction Zone Speed Limits

As I have been driving from state to state the past week or so, I have noticed that there is a lot of road construction going on. And when I say a lot, I mean… every state and every highway I have been on there is at least one or two construction zones. I haven’t been able to snap pictures, because, well, because living in California and being on your phone while driving means there is a pretty hefty fine. So, that got me to thinking. Since I work for an accident attorney, I wanted to discuss the work zone safety limits for the state of California. And then tell everyone what I noticed as I have been driving from state to state. If you need an auto accident attorney, contact Silverthorne Attorneys today. Consultations are free!

Accident Attorney | Work Zone Safety

With all of the construction going on along the highways, it is best that we all slow down and obey the laws of the road. For instance, I was driving through rural parts of Illinois the other day. And I must tell you, the roads here are very different. People actually go the speed limit. Not just during regular hours of traffic, but in construction zones as well. I have noticed, the five years that I have been in Southern California, many people do not obey these traffic laws. Even in work zones. Below is what to do when you are approaching a work zone.

accident attorney, auto accident attorney

Approaching a Work Zone

When you are driving along and come up on a work zone, I know that it can be distracting. We should always do our best to make sure that we are being safe. Not only because there could be loose gravel on the roads, but because there are workers likely in those safety zones. You should look out for the following:

  • stay alert and be aware of your surroundings;
  • pay close attention to signs and work zone flaggers ahead;
  • merge early – do not wait until the last minute to get over;
  • avoid additional distractions;
  • do not speed – not only is there a hefty fine, but you can end up hurting someone;
  • expect the unexpected – anything can happen; that is why there are posted speed limits and why you should be careful to follow those speed limits
  • be patient

Tailgating and Fines

Did you know that most rear-end accidents occur when cars are following too closely? This is because you do not enough room to stop in time. You need at least 2.5 seconds to react and an additional second per 10mph to react. For example, if you are traveling at 55mph, you need at least eight seconds to stop in time. However, some speed limits in work zones have been decreased to 45mph or even 25mph depending on the location and the work that is being done.

With that being said, fines are double in highway work zones. And they can easily be upwards of $1,000 or more for those who drive aggressively, text and drive, or are otherwise not paying attention and driving recklessly.

Auto Accident Attorney | Work Zone Facts

Below are some interesting facts about work safety zones. Remember! Be safe!

  • drivers and their passengers are at an even greater risk than workers;
    • 85% of those seriously injured and killed in a work zone accident are drivers and/or passengers
  • on average, 1,000 Caltrans vehicles are struck per year;
  • in 2013, vehicles crashed into 45% of highway work zones
  • 185 Caltrans workers have been killed on the job since 1921

Making sure that you are obeying all posted traffic laws when you are in work zones is so important. It can mean the difference between life and death and being injured or staying safe.

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligent actions of another, please do note hesitate to contact us. Consultations with an auto accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys are free!

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