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How Wearing a Seat Belt Can Save Your Life

I cannot tell you how many electronic freeway signs there are in the Midwest and the South. For instance, as I was driving through parts of Texas, I saw signs that said something along the lines of, “2362 deaths this year, buckle up.” I am not 100% sure of the actual number, but that lead me to thinking how seat belts can save lives. Working for an auto accident lawyer in Southern California has taught me so much along the way during this road trip. If you have been injured in an accident and are in need of a car accident lawyer, contact us today. Consultations are free!

Car Accident Lawyer | Seat Belts Save Lives

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 15,000 lives are saved each year because they were wearing their seat belts. Below are some ways that seat belts help save lives.

Five-Way Protection: Seat Belt Safety

Seat belts were invented to keep everyone in the vehicle safe and in the vehicle in the case of an accident. That being said, there is something called a five-way seat belt protection that we are going to go over. Seat belts should do the following:

  1. Keep occupants inside of the vehicle
    • did you know that people who are thrown from their vehicle during an accident are four times more likely to be killed in an accident?
  2. Restrains most important parts of your body
    • believe it or not, seat belts were designed to keep the strongest parts of your body protected in the case of an accident;
    • for older children and adults, these are the hips and the shoulders – which is where the seat belt straps should fall on your body;
  3. Spreads out force from the collision
    • the lap and shoulder belts spread the force of the crash over a wide area of the body. This is done in order to put less stress on any one area on your body during the accident.
    • the shoulder strap helps to keep your head and upper body from hitting the dashboard or steering wheel
  4. Slows the body down
    • Our auto accident lawyer has talked about this before. Even though you are sitting still in your vehicle, you are still moving at the same speed of your car. Meaning, if your vehicle is traveling at 70mph, you are also traveling at those high speeds. However, seat belts help extend the time it takes for you to slow down in a crash. That being said, it helps prevent serious injuries.
  5. Protects your brain and spinal cord
    • seat belts were specifically designed to protect your brain and spinal cord.
    • this is because brain and spinal cord injuries are more difficult to immediately see; however they can be the most deadly.
    • spinal cord injuries often have serious consequences.

car accident lawyer, auto accident lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer | Buckling up the Correct Way

Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to buckle your seat belt. Adjusting your seat belt so it is sitting properly along your body. Getting the right fit is just as important as wearing it. Shoulder belts should rest securely across your chest and shoulders between your breast plate. Most people will allow the strap to fall across their neck or place the strap under their arms and behind their backs. Believe it or not, this actually takes away the purpose of the seat belt’s safety features. Most, of not all seat belts will lock into place when there is a sudden jerk of the car. If the belt is not in the correct position, it cannot do its job properly.

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According to the National Safety Council, there was a drop in fatalities due to traffic accidents in the last 10 years. However, people need to be aware that it’s not just a myth that seat belts can and do save lives. Wearing your seat belt at all times is important to maintaining your safety and the safety of those in the car.

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligent actions of another, contact an auto accident lawyer in our office as soon as you can. Our car accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters and we know the tactics they will us in order to try to get you to settle quickly. Our lawyers will do everything in their power to make sure you are not taken advantage of. We will fight for you and your rights. Contact us today!

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