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How to Handle a Minor Accident

We don’t want to say that a minor car accident isn’t a big deal. In fact, did you know that you can be seriously injured even if the person who hits you is only going 5mph? It’s true! Injuries such as whiplash are common in minor accidents. Every car accident attorney in our office gets the same question: should I handle a minor accident the way I would handle a major one? And the answer is always, for the most part, yes. Below, our accident lawyer is going to go over some tips on how to handle a minor accident. Remember, even if it’s a minor accident, if you are injured, contact us to discuss your case. Consultations with Silverthorne Attorneys are free!

Accident Lawyer | Handling a Minor Accident

Here’s a common scenario: you are pulling out of your parking spot and all of a sudden you hear… CRUNCH!! Another car is there and you find yourself in a minor accident. Do not fret. Even if you don’t think it looks to bad, here are some steps to take:

Assess the Situation

Take a mental note of the other car involved. This will be especially important should the other car take off. If you can, try to get a picture of the vehicle and the license plate number if you think there is a possibility they will flee the scene. Remember, just because it seems to be a minor accident, a claim still needs to be filed.

Check yourself and any passengers of your vehicle for injuries. The likelihood of you being seriously injured is small, however, you should still be checking for whiplash and concussions. Headaches can be the first sign of a concussion, so pay particular attention if you or your passengers are experiencing headache like symptoms.

If there is a substantial amount of damage to either vehicle, contact the police. This will be important when it comes to filing an insurance claim; as the police report will help determine who is at fault in the accident. Therefore stating who is responsible for paying for any damages.

Move Your Car

Make sure you are able to and it is deemed safe, move your car safely to the side of the road. If the accident happened in a parking lot, hopefully the other person involved did not flee the scene and they are able to move in order to exchange information.

If you are on the side of the road and you are able to find a safe place to pull to the side, turn your hazard lights on and turn off the engine. Your hazards will be a warning to other drivers on the road to be cautious when approaching; this makes it safer for you and everyone else.

Collect Information

We know that most people don’t want to have to deal with the exchange of insurance during a minor accident. Most people come to an agreement on their own. And working for an accident lawyer I cannot tell you enough how bad of an idea this is. One reason being: even if you are not showing signs of whiplash right away, days down the line, you may. And because you decided not to exchange insurance information, you are not able to make a claim. Meaning, you will have to pay your own medical bills and repairs out of your own pocket. Information to collect at the scene include:

  • Names and numbers of any witnesses;
  • Full name, address, and contact information of the other driver and passenger(s);
  • Driver’s license number;
  • License plate number;
  • Insurance company and policy number;
  • Make, model, and color of the vehicle

During this time you will also want to document as much of the accident as possible. If you have your smart phone on you, take as many pictures of any damages you can. These include but are not limited to:

  • Pictures of the damage to your car and any other car(s) involved;
  • The location of the accident;
  • Street signs;
  • Traffic lights;
  • Weather elements, etc.

These will be extremely beneficial should you need to file a claim to get repairs done on your car. The police report will also be incredibly helpful when you are making your claim. Especially if you are or anyone else involved is suffering from serious injuries.

Injured? Contact an Accident Lawyer Today!

Even if you have just been in a minor accident, there is still the potential of being seriously injured. And that is why you need an accident lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys. We can get you the compensation you need in order to get your life back on track. Contact us to discuss your case. No matter how small you think it may be. The accident attorneys in our office are here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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