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A Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Ana, California Must Uphold Your Rights

To be considered a great accident lawyer, a legal representative must be focused on upholding the rights of their clients to have their needs financially compensated.

We always dedicate the time and energy required to get you the highest amount of financial award. Getting you the funds you need for your recovery is our top priority.

We will fight hard for you. First, we will pursue firm negotiations with strong demands for all necessary expenses. Then, if the opposing injury lawyer and insurance team refuse to reach a desirable settlement, we can take your case all the way to the Orange County Superior Court.

Whatever it takes to get you the compensation you need, we will get it done.

Call us now to get started.

Do Not Let the Insurance Company Take Advantage of You

Never forget that the defendant’s insurance company does not want to have to pay you fairly. They want to do whatever they can to avoid having to pay for your injuries.

Twisting your words to make it sound like you were at fault is one of the many ways they will hurt your case. Please make sure that you have a professional bodily injury attorney reviewing your statements before contacting the defendant’s insurance.

Only making sure that your statement is reviewed or prepared by a trained accident attorney will ensure that it can’t be used against you later.

You can call us right now to receive a free consultation that will include information on how we can help you deal with the defendant’s insurance and legal team.

Worried about Lasting Injuries?

When you have been involved in an accident that hurt you, it is natural to worry about the lasting impact your injuries may have on your life. Some injuries can cause you pain or result in continuing health complications for years after the initial incident.

If you feel you may have lasting issues, Silverthorne Attorneys will make sure your compensation includes the issues that may affect your future earning potential and quality of life. These include scarring, loss of mobility, psychological trauma, and chronic pain.

While any good Santa Ana personal injury lawyer should make sure to add these factors into their demand equations, not every lawyer will take the time to do so.

We gather the professional health reviews and evidence needed to ensure you get all of the funds you need to get your life back to normal. You deserve to have all of your suffering addressed fully by a skilled plaintiff attorney.

To acquire representation from a compassionate law firm that gets the maximum sums for their clients, please call us now. Your consultation will be completely free.

Take Care in Local Parks Where Dogs Are Present

Dog bites and injuries sustained while fleeing from vicious dogs are painful experiences that often lead to a need for a devoted plaintiff lawyer to recover expenses. Never underestimate the severe damage a dog or other animal can do. Please always take care when you are in an area that exposes you to dogs or other animals that could attack.

In Santa Ana, the Santiago Park Nature Reserve, which is bordered by E Memory Lane off Main Street, is known for being a place frequented by dog owners seeking physical activity for their pet. This park is located to the north of I-5 but south of the Garden Grove Freeway, and dogs that could pose a threat are frequently present.

When visiting a park, always remain aware of your surroundings and the whereabouts of children and elderly family members, who are especially prone to experiencing serious damage inflicted by dogs. Please practice safety around animals to keep your family safe.

Delaying Your Case Will Put It at Risk

Waiting too long to get your case started will result in a weaker case, at best. The worst thing that can happen is that the statute of limitations will expire. If that happens, you will have completely given up the right to pursue justice for your case.

Please don’t delay in contacting a compassionate injury attorney law firm to pursue your case. Starting your case as soon as possible after your accident will ensure that the evidence is fresh and no important documents are lost.

We can give you guidance on your case during your free consultation if you call us now.

A Lack of Money to Start Shouldn’t Be a Concern

You never need any money saved up to have us start your case. We will build your case and get you the money you need without requiring any down payment. Our payment will come out of whatever financial award we retrieve for you.

We only get paid once we win, so you never need to be afraid of going into debt to pursue justice. If we don’t secure a monetary sum for you, then you won’t have to pay any fee for our services.

This allows you the security of being able to seek justice without any risk. Just call now to learn more through a free consultation.

Who Has a Travelling Santa Ana Bodily Injury Lawyer?

One of the specialty services we offer for our clients is the ability to travel to them when they have been incapacitated by their injuries. If you or your loved ones are unable to leave the hospital, then we can visit you there.

Severe injuries should never get in the way of justice. We travel for our clients during their time of need so that we can ensure they get the funds they need for their serious impairments.

We want you to focus on recovery for yourself and your family. As much as possible, we will handle the details of your case and keep the burden off your shoulders.

This is a difficult period of your life, and we want to do our best to help.

When you want Silverthorne Attorneys to pursue your case with passion and diligence, please contact us right away to benefit from our free consultation.

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