What if I start feeling nauseous after an accident?

Not all injuries you sustain in an accident are readily apparent right after. Oftentimes symptoms of a serious injury can take a day or two to manifest. Surprisingly for some, nausea is actually a common symptom following an injury that was caused in a car accident.

The first thing you should do is seek medical treatment from your primary care physician – this is especially important if you are vomiting, experiencing dizzy spells, have head or neck pain, fainting, etc.

Seeking medical attention is crucial because feeling nauseous can oftentimes be a symptom of a head or neck injury that has gone undetected and can be the first sign that you have suffered from a traumatic brain injury.

Car accidents have the potential to impose harm to the body; even at slow speeds, if you are feeling nauseous after an accident, you should seek medical attention right away. Delaying any medical care can have medical and legal consequences.

If you do not seek medical treatment the insurance company will assume that your injuries were not serious, or that you were not injured at all. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible, will help you and your car accident lawyer in determining the compensation you are awarded after the accident.

Seeing a medical professional right after your accident not only helps protect your legal rights, but it also is extremely beneficial to your health.