What if the other driver won’t give me their insurance information?

What if the other driver won’t give me their insurance information?


It is always customary to exchange insurance information at the scene of the accident. If you face a situation where the other person does not want to give you their information, do not worry. You can still file a claim even if others do not cooperate. There are other ways to go around ensuring the you won’t have to pay for the damages that another driver caused.

What you should do is try to gather as much information as you can. If someone else will not give you the information you need, you can seek it elsewhere. One thing you want to do is document as much of the accident as possible. Take pictures of the scene and the vehicles involved. If you cannot take a picture of the other person’s license plate in time, write down a description of the car – make and model. Most insurance companies can find the driver involved in the accident regardless of other information. Also, talking with witnesses about what they will help tremendously; they may have seen something that you have did not.

The people who generally do not like to give out their insurance information fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • stolen the car
  • are an uninsured motorist
  • or the owner of the car does not know it has been in use

Once you have contacted your insurance company with the detailed description of the vehicle, you can progress onward with the case.