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Our Dedicated Plaintiff Attorneys Win Against Tough Opposition

An Orange County accident attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys will always be dedicated to providing unsurpassed service for our clients when they desperately require assistance against powerful opposition, such as the insurance company giants that wield enormous legal power. The plaintiffs we exclusively represent are our singular focus, and the diligent work we do guarantees the optimum outcome for wronged victims and their families. We never work for insurance companies or negligent defendants. Insurance companies are formidable legal opponents with entire teams dedicated to cheating you out of the compensation you deserve, and you should never risk facing them alone. We are ready to tackle any tough case and never require payment until we have won for you, so you should never fear or hesitate in contacting us. We battle even the toughest cases and win. Call (949) 234-6034 now so that we can get started right away.

Silverthorne Attorneys Will Win the Money You Need

Silverthorne Attorneys wins cases because we are a law firm of injury attorneys that cares about its clients. Our highly qualified team excels at getting the maximum compensation for trauma caused by negligence. If you are hurt and need a company who will represent you fervently, then we are the firm you need to pursue your case without compromise. The diligent, relentless representatives at our firm will not rest until we win your case. Do not delay and risk your favorable outcome; contact us today for a completely free consultation with an experienced, devoted plaintiff representative at (949) 234-6034.

We Pursue Your Case Aggressively and Intelligently

An excellent bodily injury lawyer must always approach a case relentlessly but cleverly. We pour over the details of every case thoroughly and dedicate the time needed to get the case right. Our clients are always satisfied by our ultimate dedication and unyielding representation. We are driven by a passion for our work, which is to seek out justice for those who have been wronged. Silverthorne Attorneys prides itself in pursuing cases with ethics, dignity, and class. We compassionately care about every client, and we use that devotion tirelessly against those who oppose you. If you want this philosophy behind your representation, then contact us immediately to start building your case.

We Serve All of Orange County and Beyond

No matter where you reside or were injured, if you have suffered, we want to speak with you about your case. Our main office is located in Ladera Ranch, California, but we take important cases from far and wide. Our hard-working staff have visited clients locally from San Clemente to Costa Mesa. If you are unable to come to us for help, then we can have a highly qualified injury lawyer come directly to you. We will happily plan a visit to your home anywhere in Southern California if that is what is needed to help you with your case.

Are You Seeking a Devoted Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Who Truly Cares?

Silverthorne Attorneys knows how hard it can be to find an Orange County plaintiff lawyer who really wants to put your interests first. Often, it seems like legal representatives are more interested in closing a case quickly and getting their cut than in working hard to get you the best possible result after you have suffered an awful injury. Unlike them, we deeply care about our clients and their cases, and we truly want to ensure that you get the best outcome to help you move on from your traumatic experience. You are far more than just a case number to us. We know that you have family, friends, and loved ones who cherish you and need you to recover as quickly as possible. If your family member was injured, then we know that you want to do anything possible to make things better for them, and we genuinely want to do whatever we can to help, as well. Please contact us as soon as you can after your accident for a free consultation to help guide you towards the right legal path.

It Is Absolutely Free to Consult with Us and Start Your Case

You can speak with an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer right away without paying anything by calling Silverthorne Attorneys now. We never charge for consultations, and we can start your case without any money needing to be paid up-front. Don’t let the fear of legal fees prevent you from getting the representation you need to battle the defense’s legal team. Contact us right away, so we can get started on your case immediately. We promise that you will never be charged for reaching out to us for help.

We Will Do Everything We Can To Make Your Injury Right

If you’re suffering was caused by someone else’s negligence, we want to do everything possible to ensure that you get the money you need to pay for all the damages done. We pride ourselves on making sure every physical and psychological trauma is addressed completely when requesting sufficient compensation from the defendant. We never want you to be left with bills you cannot pay after already suffering from your accident. Any competent Orange County accident lawyer should be ready to firmly negotiate with insurance companies and oppose any unjust settlements. While other firms may avoid such issues, we will push particularly hard to ensure that any scarring, lasting injuries, and psychological trauma get included when calculating the award amount. Make sure that you choose a legal adviser who will stand up for you instead of pushing your case through quickly to get paid at your expense.

Always Seek Necessary Medical Care for Your Injuries

Please be sure that you always receive all of the medical assistance you need after being injured. Your health should always be your top priority, and you should never be so afraid of medical expenses that you neglect to seek proper assistance. We place the highest importance on making sure your injury is treated so that you can heal properly. Every Orange county bodily injury attorney will agree that you seek emergency treatment immediately after suffering any serious injury. If you or a member of your family are injured and need assistance, you should never hesitate to get all of the care needed right away. Keep in mind that the negligent party will ultimately be responsible for all of the costs you incur.

Notify the Proper Authorities When You Are Involved in an Accident

Every OC accident attorney will advise that you notify the proper authorities when you have been involved in an accident. Auto accidents and other serious incidents should always be reported to the local police. Any time a serious injury occurs or there is a risk of a violent reaction from a guilty party, you should immediately call 911. If your injury involves a dangerous animal, be sure to call your local animal control agency and inform them of the aggressive animal. Cases involving food poisoning should involve the Orange County Environmental Health Department. Always consider which officials or agencies may need to be notified to best document your case and protect public safety.

The Basics of Personal Injury Law

The most common goal of personal injury law is to establish the guilt of or amount of responsibility born by a defendant who has been alleged to have caused harm towards another. A large part of this involves calculating the damages caused to the victim and proving the culpability of the defendant. While many cases result in settlements without having to enter litigation, it is sometimes necessary to file a lawsuit and go to trial in order to assure adequate reimbursement for the losses suffered by a victim. A formal civil lawsuit is an official legal proceeding that involves a judge and, sometimes, a jury. At the conclusion of the trial, either the judge or jury will determine the amount awarded to compensate the plaintiff based on the solid case created by your representative.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The time after your injury should ideally be spent focusing on the healing and recovery of yourself and your family without the stress of dealing with your case. Legal proceedings are extremely complex and require intense dedication and experience to handle sufficiently. Sadly, rushing into legal action without adequate representation has resulted in many lost cases and financial damage for many victims of negligence. The legal power controlled by insurance companies, which are one of the most often involved entities in personal injury cases, is vast and usually involves entire teams of lawyers and other staff working to force victims to accept a settlement as low as possible. It is always in your best interest to seek out a representative who will negotiate and tenaciously pursue action that helps you and your family win. We can offer the following to your case:

Experience in assessing your case and advising you on the best way to proceed.

An absolutely free consultation and legal action that only costs when you win.

Experience in negotiating with and getting demands met from insurance companies.

The relief of knowing that the tedious, complex paperwork and red tape is covered.

Critical connections to important investigators and agencies to advance your case.

Zealous representation in negotiation, mediation, and trial that wins cases.

What to Expect When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you first contact us, we will carefully review the details of your case and answer any questions you may have. You should never employ a firm that neglects to devote the time to truly understand your case and guide you through the legal process. Building a case well involves making a strong effort to gather and process evidence that supports the facts of the case and this takes time and diligence, which our staff pride themselves on providing. A devoted representative should always keep you updated about your case, and we put our customer service and communication as one of our top priorities. The main concern you should consider when hiring a bodily injury representative is whether they put you first, and at Silverthorne Attorneys, you truly are our focus.

Stages of a Personal Injury Case

The first stage of a personal injury case will generally involve trying to negotiate directly with the defendant or their insurance company. This process requires a determined, unyielding representative to face off against the powerful insurance company industry. Our diligent, uncompromising representatives draft strong letters of demand to these entities and will not rest until your damages are covered in full. Should the insurance fail to compromise and meet the terms that best resolve your case, we are fully prepared to handle official mediation or file a formal lawsuit. Should your case need to go to trial, we will represent you unwaveringly with class and dignity while presenting your case to the judge and jury.

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