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Personal Injury Attorney in Victorville, CA

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Are You the Victim of A Personal Injury Accident in Victorville?

Contact a Victorville injury lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys today for proper representation if you, a friend, or a family member has been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another. To get the recovery that you need and deserve, a lengthy process may have to take place. We can help you, guiding you to a successful settlement. We offer an initial, free case evaluation for faultless victims. Contact us we will arrange an appointment and you can visit us. If you need transportation to the scheduled appointment, let us know. If we have to visit you at home, a long term care facility, or even Victor Valley Global Medical Center, we will make that effort. Take some time to read the following so you, as an accident victim, can understand the benefits of hiring a Victorville injury lawyer.

Silverthorne Attorneys Helps Through the Process

There are a myriad of situations and incidents here in the “High Desert” that can result in unexpected injuries and unfortunate consequences for a faultless victim. Whether it is a traffic related accident, a work associated accident, or one of the other several types that Silverthorne Attorneys analyzes and accepts as case matter, please seek out legal help. Begin with us as you consider how you will be helped by a caring injury lawyer. Here are a few great reasons why you should get started as soon as you can.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Victorville, CA

You need legal professionals that can expertly assess your claim. We utilize a keen sense of reality during the initial consultation, determining if a particular case is worth pursuing. We will be upfront with you from the beginning so no time is wasted. More than likely, we have experience with a case like yours, and you will get properly directed almost immediately. Some expectations can flounder-if you are unlikely to win your case, the time and expenses of preparing for litigation can be avoided, still at no cost to you.

In almost every Victorville car accident, our personal injury lawyers will work with one, two, or even multiple investigators that have many years of experience in specialized civil and criminal areas. This benefits you, as it allows the experts to work with your injury attorney to skillfully examine the technical aspects of your respective case. Should we take your case, please gather every single piece of paperwork, having it readily available at our first consult. This will greatly help your Victorville attorney and the investigative team.

Unfortunately, regarding paperwork, there will be plenty. Complicated legal procedures, confusing medical terms, police reports, plus mail from medical specialists and insurance companies bring about a lot of documentation. This is very common in personal injury cases and your accident lawyers here at Silverthorne Attorneys are prepared. Our experience will aid the process in working through the mass amounts of paperwork. We focus on the work to allow you to focus on your recovery. Again, as much of burden as it may be, please try to have all of the pertinent papers involving your case at our first, free consultation.

There Are No Legal Fees Unless you Recover Financially

The aspect of “contingency fees” is extremely important to an accident victim like yourself. First of all, should we mutually agree to move forward with your case as your legal representation, your legal label becomes the “plaintiff.” The party that caused the accident becomes the “defendant.” With you as our client, we handle the case costs, especially the incurred legal fees. You do not have to place any money in a retainer. We get paid, on a contingency basis, only if we direct your case towards a successful ending, attaining damages and compensation in a settlement for you. This may be done in negotiations or a trial, depending on the unique nature of the case. Silverthorne Attorneys will do everything within our ability as your plaintiff lawyer to achieve a satisfactory recovery.

A very common type of accident in the “High Desert” area of Victorville is the traffic accident. Many accident reports list the roadways that you would expect: Interstate 15, State Route 18, and Bear Valley Road. Other types of accidents like pedestrian accidents involving bicycles, dogs, or property negligence are common near Palmdale Road, Mariposa Road, Mojave Narrows Regional Park, Spring Valley Lake, and even the Mall of Victor Valley. Should your personal injury have anything to do with these landmarks, or anywhere in Victorville, California for that matter, contact us today and arrange to hire us as your bodily injury attorney.

Trouble in “Lane’s Crossing” & You Need an Injury Attorney

The unexpected has happened-you have been in an injury accident, totally or partially caused by another negligent party. After the initial, shock, trauma, and unfortunate experience, you begin what could be a long, difficult recovery. However, as the aftershocks become a little more bearable, you become bombarded with phone calls, e-mails, and demanding requests, plus overwhelming paperwork from hospitals, doctors, law enforcement, and insurance companies. You are distracted and overcome by all of the questions about your accident and the many details. You may have become so distraught and confused that there are no satisfactory answers to be found. No one seems capable of providing the information most important to you. Are your injuries keeping you from making good decisions while trying to be rational? If so, it is the time for a free consultation with a professional bodily injury lawyer. Please contact Silverthorne Attorneys today.

Case Types we Handle

Working in injury law in Victorville, CA, we see so many different cases. Below is a list of cases our accident attorneys take on:

  • motorcycle accidents;
  • car accidents;
  • dog bites;
  • accidents involving pedestrians

If you have been injured in an accident, please do not wait to contact an accident injury attorney in our office. The attorneys in our office have years of experience working on cases in Victorville.

Please Avoid Any Procrastination In Contacting Us

Silverthorne Attorneys want to compassionately represent you as your personal injury attorney regarding your accident and injuries. But we cannot do so if you do not contact us for a free, no commitment discussion. If we continue as your plaintiff attorney, we do the work for you. Again, you get to use your time for your recovery. Do not be embarrassed approaching us-our experience has exposed us to may unfortunate situations. Contact us today so we can work to turn your life around from an untimely accident, allowing you to regain what you may have thought you lost. Meet with a car accident lawyer in Victorville, California.

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