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Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Orange County, CA

Riding a motorcycle and getting in an accident is a common thing. An accident on a motorcycle is almost inevitable when you are learning how to ride, and even experienced riders are susceptible to accidents from distracted drivers and large trucks. Silverthorne Attorneys represents motorcycle crash victims in Orange County from our offices in Ladera Ranch, Huntington Beach and Anaheim. Over the years, our Orange County motorcycle accident attorneys have proven a track record in representing motorcycle riders injured in traffic accidents. Our legal team includes attorneys who are also motorcycle riders themselves. They are better able to understand the risks associated with driving motorcycles on our busy freeways.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There were 4,462 fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States in 2009, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Under California Civil Code section 1714, drivers are responsible for their own acts and injuries to another caused by his acts. In order to recover damages from another driver who may have caused a motorcycle crash, the injured motorcycle rider must prove the other driver was negligent or did not exercise the same reasonable care any prudent person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances.

What Happens in A Motorcycle Accident Case

There are specific elements that must be proved on a case-by-case basis in court. First, an injured person must prove that the defendant has a legal duty to exercise care toward them. Next, they must prove that the defendant breached that duty and it was the cause of the accident that injured the person. Finally, the injured person must prove they were in fact injured by providing evidence of medical costs and reports from doctors proving the injuries and the extent of those injuries. The total damages to an injured person will include costs to treat them, lost wages or loss of one’s future earnings and pain and suffering in some cases. Motorcycle accident attorneys must conduct an investigation immediately after an accident to:

  • Preserve evidence of the motorcycle crash
  • Secure photographs of the motorcycle crash scene
  • Establish the defendants’ liability for the motorcycle accident
  • Inspect the motorcycle and safety gear for potential defects
  • Determine if there is a need to hire expert witnesses
  • Recover your medical expenses and lost wages

Most motorcycle crashes result in serious physical injury. If you have suffered injury, or a family member has been killed, call for a confidential consultation with an experienced and caring motorcycle injury attorney. Insurance companies are notorious for taking advantage of motorcycle accident victims by denying legitimate claims or underpaying when they do pay out. Often, they offer a quick settlement that is far less than your case is really worth knowing that you need money and you need it now. When you work with the motorcycle accident lawyers of Silverthorne Attorneys, the insurance companies know that you mean business. You have a strong ally on your side that is willing to fight for full compensation for you and your family. We will give you sound advice and explain all of your options.

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Schedule a Free Consultation Today Regarding Your Accident

Call our experienced motorcycle accident lawyer inOrange County today at (949) 234-6034 to get your questions answered, and discuss your possible compensation eligibility. Silverthorne Attorneys has offices in Huntington Beach, Anaheim and Ladera Ranch and serves courts throughout Southern California.

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