Client Testimonials

Here at Silverthorne Attorneys, we have had the great pleasure of representing some wonderful clients. Whether it was a car accident case, a dog bite, or any other personal injury case – we take the time to care for the people we represent. Here are a few customer testimonials of our law firm. We will work hard, diligently, and with integrity for you and your family.

“I can’t express how pleased I am with this law firm. I got the pleasure of working with Brock Chwialkowski. This gentleman was incredibly helpful and patient with me. I was rear-ended due to a woman texting and driving and got horrible whiplash and constant back pain. All my medical expenses were covered and I was happy with my settlement. Brock took his time explaining my documentation for me over the phone page by page because I was struggling with the language of the law. He was professional and thorough. His work was impressive. I recommend him to anyone!”

- Maxwell (Glendale, CA)

“Atty Silverthorne helped my son car accident case solved well done, awesome attorney care for his client, he makes sure my son gets all the medical care he needs to take care of his injury I’m very pleased and happy my son settlement.”

- Rosita (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

“Mr. Silverthorne is a wonderful person and attorney. I attended law school with him and I know how deeply he cares about helping everyday individuals who have been injured. I regularly send my friends to him if they are unlucky enough to be in an accident.”

- Branigan (Irvine, CA)

“Ian handled my auto accident case and recouped all the money owed to me to cover my loss expenses and medical bills. He’s also a genuinely nice person. I highly recommend!”

- Marcia (Irvine, CA)

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from Attorney Silverthorne. Professional and attentive to my needs, he and his staff exceeded my expectations in handling the personal injury case. Highly recommend him and his team for any of your personal injury needs… I would definitely refer him to friends and family!!!”

- Christian (Rancho Santa Margarita)

“One of the best Orange County lawyers!!! Ian sets the bar for high standards and follow thru with clients and gets results.”

- Poly (Campbell, CA )

“I have to say Ian is very professional and honest. I got in a car wreck where I became injured and he handled everything right away. Since I was on medication from my wreck, he was kind enough to make an at home stop and discuss all of the lawyer stuff he needed to. This is my first time of ever hiring a lawyer and I was truly nervous. But he was not arrogant or rude. He was kind and down to earth. I felt comfortable with him. I recommend this attorney any day. He is good at what he does and honest about it too.”

- Angel (Westminster, CA)

“If you are looking for an attorney that cares, is easy to work with and gets the job done, Ian Silverthorne is the one you should contact. I was referred to him by my chiropractor after an automobile accident. I am so happy I went with Ian. He not only got all my bills paid but a good settlement as well.”

- Dusty (Costa Mesa, CA)

“It is so refreshing to find a reputable lawyer who is concerned more about ethics and protecting the little guy than making a profit.. and in Orange County, no less! Ian Silverthorne helped me settle my case with an insurance company after I had exhausted all my efforts. The insurance company was being uncooperative and trying to intimidate me to settle my claim for a lesser amount. Without his help, I never would have gotten this settled to my satisfaction. From the very beginning, he responded to my inquiry quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend Mr. Silverthorne to anyone needing to find a genuinely honest reliable attorney who will stand up for your rights.”

- Claudia (Lake Forest, CA)

“There are a lot of personal injury attorneys out there. As an attorney, myself, I know a few but have only referred my friends and loved ones to Ian. What, to me, places Ian above others is the simple fact that he truly cares about his clients (if you speak to him about your case, I am confident that you will understand what I mean). Because of Ian’s character, I referred my spouse to him after an auto accident (the other driver’s fault) and Ian did a wonderful job in several aspects: (1) he made sure we knew that he was managing the medical care (tracking the billing, etc.) which was a great distinction from some P.I. attorneys who only want to speak to a client after their treatment is complete; (2) he didn’t push for any steps that we weren’t comfortable taking; (3) he always demonstrated his interest in his client’s well-being. If you want an attorney that views you as a person who deserves to be treated well, you need to give Ian a try.”

- Kandis (Huntington Beach, CA)