10 Common Things People Do Wrong at Dog Parks

couple at dog park

Dog parks are a wonderful place to take our animals when the weather is nice. It also allows our pets to socialize with other pets and humans as well. Unfortunately, as owners, we have a tendency to overlook certain things when it comes to taking our animals to the park. as a Ladera Ranch dog bite lawyer, we have gathered some information in regards to things that people do wrong at a dog park. We hope, as the leading Ladera Ranch dog bite attorney, that these will help you on your next outing at the park!

  • Not exercising your dog before going to the park – this may sound strange, but it is actually quite a good idea to exercise your dog before leaving for the dog park. This is so that the time at the dog park is not the only time your dog is getting their extra energy out. a dog that has been inside or alone for too long, has an exuberant amount of energy and taking them to run around before playing at the dog park, can help them get out all of the extra energy they have been storing up.
  • Not picking up after your dog – It is just good manners to scoop up the poop after your dog has done their business at dog parks. This is for many reasons. One, it is unsanitary not only for you, but for your dog to be playing and walking around in a park that has dog poop in the grass. and two, it is in good taste and shows respect to other dog owners that you are willing to pick up after your dog –  because you want them to do the same for you.
  • Leaving harnesses on dogs while playing – in theory, this may seem like a good idea. Unfortunately as a Ladera Ranch dog attack lawyer, we do not suggest it. the reason being, some dogs can and do get a little too aggressive and will try to bite (grab) your dog by the harness. This can lead to unsafe and aggressive playing that can lead to a fight.
  • Keeping your dog on a leash in an off-leash area – first-time dog owners may think it is safe to keep your dog on a leash, but in fact, it is not. Leaving your dog on a leash in an off-leash area can actually prove to be hazardous. You or another dog or person can trip over the leash or a firm tug on a wrapped up leash could result in a broken leg. It can also lead to panic if your dog suffers from fear or anxiety.
  • Bringing a female in heat or pregnant dog –  this can be disastrous for everyone and every dog. Make sure if your dog is in heat or pregnant that you skip the dog park, just for a little while.
  • Bringing puppies without vaccinations – there are diseases and parasites at the dog park already and bringing in younger dogs or even older dogs without their vaccinations can prove dangerous. Dogs are susceptible to Giardia or worms – most older dogs have stronger immune systems and can survive treatment – but younger dogs will have a hard time handling these diseases.
  • Small dogs in the same play area as large dogs – some dog parks do not have separate play areas and if that is the case where you go, be careful when brining smaller dogs to the park. Small dogs can oftentimes be viewed as prey by larger, more aggressive dogs.
  • Picking up and carrying small dogs – the act of a small dog being lifted-up triggers an instinct in other animals, called a treeing instinct. This means, moving them right into the prey drive and exciting other dogs into jumping on you, in order to get to the small dog. This can result in injuries to you and your dog.
  • Allowing dogs to bully others dogs – dogs that constantly nip at other dogs is not okay. It is seen as obnoxious by other dogs and it can eventually lead to a dog fight.
  • Not paying attention to your dog – while we like to socialize ourselves while we are at the dog park as well, our main focus should be on paying attention to our dog. Ladera Ranch dog attack lawyer, Silverthorne Attorneys has seen many cases where dog owners have been socializing with other dog owners, not paying attention to their dog, and all of a sudden, what was just a little friendly play, turns into a dog fight. “Dog parks are for dogs; coffee shops are for chit chat”

We all know that dog owners love their pets as family. With the weather starting to get a bit warmer and dogs getting restless for some outdoor fun, Ladera Ranch dog bite lawyer Silverthorne Attorneys urges you to be safe with your animals. If you take your dog to a Ladera Ranch dog park, please follow the above rules. Keep your dog and others safe!

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