14 Year Old Injured in Crosswalk Accident

Santa Ana, CA – a 14 year-old girl was struck by two vehicles while attempting to cross the street near the intersection of 17th and Bristol in Santa Ana. Our personal injury attorney reports that she ran into the intersection on a red light trying to make it to her honors class at Santa Ana College. Sadly, the young girl was struck by a red pick-up truck and then struck again by a black Cadillac. Traffic at the time was heavy, and she was reportedly trying to run between the two vehicles when she was hit. the girl was taken to the hospital with injuries to her leg and released later that day.

Adan Camacho and Amanda Sananikone, the drivers of the pick-up truck and Cadillac, respectively, both stopped briefly before returning to their vehicles and fleeing the scene. Witnesses called in the descriptions of both vehicles which led to the arrest of both drivers later that day. Mr. Camacho was located several miles away, while Ms. Sananikone’s vehicle was identified in the parking lot of Santa Ana College. She was arrested shortly thereafter. Cpl. Anthony Bertagna, with the Santa Ana Police Department, stated that both drivers have been arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run, and that Mr. Camacho did not have a valid driver license at the time of the collision.

Per the OC Register, Cpl. Bertagna also stated that, had the drivers not fled the scene, the collision would have been the 14 year-old girl’s fault for darting into the intersection on a red light. All pedestrians have a duty not to leave a sidewalk or enter the roadway when a vehicle is close enough to constitute an immediate hazard. However, the driver of a vehicle involved in any collision has a duty to remain at the scene, and identify themselves to the other involved parties. This is with another vehicle or with a pedestrian, and whether or not the driver feels they are at fault.

While ultimate responsibility for the injuries sustained by the girl will likely be the subject of dispute, both drivers will likely now face charges of Felony Hit & Run, and also potential civil suit for the injuries sustained and medical bills incurred by the victim.

Staying at the scene of an accident is crucial. You do not want to leave the scene of an accident. Especially if someone suffers from injuries. Because injuries can be extremely traumatic.

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Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/girl-604311-santa-bertagna.html