5 Beach Tips to Stay Safe this Summer

beach safety tips

Summer is upon us everyone! Which means that there are going to be countless people by the beach, laying by the pool, soaking up the sun. Everyone out enjoying this beautiful weather! However  with all this fun, safety issues do arise from time to time! Here are some fun and easy tips to remember for the next time you make a trip to the beach.

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Watch for Warning Flags

Keep a lookout for the different colored flags on the beach:

  • Red flags indicate strong currents
  • Yellow flags indicate moderate currents
    • Swimming near shore is recommended
  • Green flags mean the currents are “perfect”
  • Blue/purple flags indicate that there are jellyfish nearby

Beware of the Waves

Waves can be more powerful than one thinks. Injuries like broken bones, sprains, dislocations, concussions, etc. are all possible. Never have your back to the waves. Shore-breaks happen right in the shore. It is best to be conscientious.


Always be sure to apply sunscreen not only before you go to the beach, but while you are out there as well. This will help to prevent your chances of getting melanoma in the future. Using a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is recommended. It has the best protection.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Going too long without water in the hot sun can cause heat stroke. Always make sure that you bring enough water when you are out in the hot sun.

Check the Weather

Make sure there are no signs of a storm coming in. Lightening on the beach and high winds can cause the currents to rise.

Make sure you stay safe out there this summer.

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