Personal Injury Attorney: How to Avoid Cyclists

bicycle in traffic

A June 2014 accident in Laguna Beach involving a 55-year-old cyclist killed by a 20-year-old motorist. Accidents like this show how vulnerable cyclists can be on the road. the male driver was recently charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run, but incidents like this are preventable. These tips from a Laguna Beach bicycle accident attorney may help others avoid crashes involving a bicycle.

Follow the Rules of the Road

This collision with a cyclist occurred near Emerald Bay on North Coast Highway. the bicyclist was in the bike lane when the accident took place. Designated areas for pedestrians or cyclists are intended to protect these individuals. However, a precaution like this does not work when someone does not follow the rules. the driver veered out of his lane and into the bike lane before striking the cyclist.

Use Caution When Passing

While motorists can become impatient and want to minimize their travel time, it is important to drive safely even when in a hurry. Those who veer off the shoulder or into another lane can have an obstructed view of an area they think is clear. This is why drivers should stay in designated lanes and only pass each other when legally and safely able to.

Avoid Distractions

Some drivers drift off course or do know realize what is happening on the road when their focus is elsewhere. Even though it may seem like one has time to check a text or grab something from a bag, the CDC reported that distracted driving kills nine or more people a day. Motorists miss information that could help stop a crash when their eyes or minds are not focused on driving and their hands are off the wheel.

Suffering from Injuries Due to an Accident? Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today!

In addition to fatalities, distracted driving injures over 1,153 people each day. When cyclists or pedestrians suffer injuries after a crash, filing a personal injury claim can help one recover expenses related to the accident like medical costs. Contact us when interested in your options after a wreck.