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Lowering Chances of Being in a Truck Accident

car accident attorney

Driving near a commercial truck is not the same as driving beside a standard car. Although there is a big difference, many drivers do not change the way they drive on the road. The 2014 injury to comedian Tracy Morgan proved just how dangerous the road can be. Our car accident attorney has put together a list of things to be cautious of while on the road.

car accident attorney

There is plenty of new technology and additional safety features that have improved the safety of cars. However, when a car gets into a collision with a tractor-trailer truck, it does not matter how many new features of the car. When a truck is involved in a vehicle accident, the consequences are increased because of the size, weight, and the maneuverability of the truck.

No one can ever eliminate the risks completely of being part of a truck accident, but here are some safety tips from a San Clemente truck accident lawyer that can help lower the chances you or a loved one is involved in an accident that can be life-changing:

Blind Spots 

A vehicle accident involving a truck can be avoided when your vehicle follows an appropriate distance behind a truck. You should always be careful to not drive in a truck’s blind spot. If the driver of the truck can not see you, then he or she may assume it is okay to merge into the lane you are driving in. The blind spots are located on the sides of the truck, and around the front and back of the truck.

Be Cautious When Attempting To Pass

A truck will take a longer time to brake than your car will. If you merge into a lane too quickly, it will be extremely difficult for the truck driver to adjust his or her speed in enough time to avoid hitting you. In order to be courteous on the highway, you need to give other drivers enough room to drive. If you are driving too closely behind a truck, you will likely hit the truck when it stops abruptly. If You can not see a truck’s mirrors, then you are likely driving a bit too closely behind it.

Distractions And Other Things

Although you should not drive while using your cell phone or doing anything else that is distracting, people still do those things. However, doing these things will prevent you from making any quick reactions when a truck makes abrupt movements. You should always pay close attention to any truck that has warning lights or a truck that is moving at a slower pace.

Suffering From Injuries Due to a Truck Accident?

Contact a Car Accident Attorney Today!

Any crash that involves a truck can be tragic and life-altering. If something like this does occur, it will require great knowledge from a personal injury lawyer. At Silverthorne Attorneys, we will put or knowledge and expertise to good use when we work for you. Contact us to find out if we can do anything that will meet your needs.

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