What are the Dangers of Airbags?

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In this day-and-age, airbags are a standard necessity in every vehicle. They were added for the overall safety of the driver and front seat passenger. It is a good idea for car owners to familiarize themselves with them, as well as any potential dangers. Our car accident attorney has put together a few things to help people understand airbags.

How Airbags Work

Airbags are comprised of two parts:

  1. the impact sensor
  2. the airbag unit itself

In an accident, the impact sensor is tripped and it sends a signal to the airbag unit; that unit then inflates with an explosive charge. If the airbag goes off correctly, it should help to prevent the driver and passenger from hitting their heads or chest on the dash or windshield during a collision.

Children & Airbags

Children under the age of 13 should not be riding in the front seat. One of the main reasons for this is because of the dangers that airbags can have on a car or booster seat. This is because the explosive force of the airbag can break the car seat of booster seat or simply push on it with enough force to cause enough injury or possibly even death.

Airbags & Recalls

Make sure that you are always up-to-date with manufacturers recalls, especially when it comes to airbags. SRS systems are just as vulnerable to malfunction as any other system in your vehicle – engine, batter, etc. Unfortunately some of these malfunctions can potentially cause harm – for instance, the Scion TC side airbags had the potential to deploy if the door was closed with too much force.

We are in no way saying that all airbags are bad, but it is always smart to know the dangers that some airbags may pose if you get into an accident or if the airbag is faulty.

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