Anaheim Dog Bites on the Rise

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Anaheim dog bites are on the rise, and it is important for dog owners to take the necessary precautions to prevent their dogs from biting. As a dog bite lawyer, we want you to be prepared. Just in case.

Dog Bite Lawyer | Best Practices to Keep Your Dog from Biting

Spay or Neuter

Statistics show that dogs who are spayed and neutered have less of a tendency to roam, and are less aggressive toward other dogs.


Dogs who are left outside for days on end are likely to develop dangerous tendencies. Isolation makes them forget how to interact with others, people and animals alike. They may become nervous and fearful of others because they are always alone, and this fear will make them lash out and bite when confronted. Treat your dog as a part of your family, and care for them appropriately. Walk your dog regularly so that he can become associated with the neighborhood and other people and animals. Dog parks are a great place to socialize your dog and allow him to meet and play with other dogs.

Don’t Add Stress

Pay close attention to situations that appear stressful to your dog. Some dogs may become nervous in large crowds, and others may panic when strangers visit your home. Some dogs are bothered by a lot of noise, and some are frightened by excessive barking from other dogs. Don’t put your dog in stressful situations if it can be avoided. If he is uncomfortable around visitors, confine him to a bedroom when you have company. Don’t take him to large, noisy events such as parades or fairs if he is fearful of crowds. Avoid leaving a dog in a kennel by other dogs barking-if you must go on vacation without him, try to find a dog sitter you can trust to visit your home and take care of him.

Suffering from Injuries? Contact a Dog Bite Lawyer Today!

Dog bites are on the rise all across America. Sadly, children are often the victims of these attacks. Once bitten by a dog, they may develop a fear that may make it difficult to be around dogs in general. It is important to remember that any dog can bite, even beloved pets. Extreme care should be taken around dogs, especially those you do not know. Remember to socialize and care for your own dog to avoid being responsible for a dog bite attack. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a dog bite attack, please feel free to contact us for more information. We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions.

As your dog bite lawyer, we know all too well the tactics the insurance adjusters will use. That is why we are here to help. We want to make sure you are not taken advantage of and that you receive the best possible care. It is our goal to take everything off of your shoulders so you can focus solely on healing.