Are You an Injured Victim in Big Bear Lake?

Silverthorne Attorneys has expanded throughout San Bernardino County to represent those who have become faultless victims of personal injury accidents. These accidents have been caused by the negligence of others, and if you are the injured victim, you need a Big Bear Lake personal injury attorney. Contact us today for a free consultation as we review your situation and can determine a proper direction for you to turn.

Let’s look at the reality of your circumstances. First of all, after being hurt because of someone else’s negligence, nobody really wants to think about the legal aspect of everything that is happening. Actually, your initial, normal reactions and questions probably have to deal with wondering about your health and healing, the logistics of maintaining your job, the dramatic effect on your family, and of course, the heavy financial burden that can develop. A good bodily injury lawyer understands this and takes pride in helping you. The team at Silverthorne Attorneys also realizes that over time, the injuries, pain, losses, and emotional stress wear a person down. When nothing seems to get better, and actually all things seem to worsen, it is time to contact a professional legal team like us and get a positive, overall recovery started.

Each Case Differs But Timing Is Always Important

There is no better time to get a personal injury attorney than now. We have a structured process that applies to almost every case to insure the best possible path for success, getting you the full compensation that you deserve. If you are confused about what to do next, please know that we offer compassionate, personal attention to every client, and can clear the air.

The best first step is to contact us and schedule a free evaluation of your case. Every case has a time restriction established by California’s state laws regarding statute of limitations, so we do not want to waste any time. If you wait too long, your case may be negatively affected as far as getting full & fair compensation for your injuries and damages. If we take your case and you hire us as your injury lawyer after our first discussion, it just gives us that much more time to get your recovery process rolling. Plus, if you cannot get to us for the consult, we can arrange transportation for you. If you are immobilized from your accident, we can visit you at your residence, the home of a family member, or even in your room at Bear Valley Community Hospital.

Our Firm is Prepared to Consider Any Injury

Our experience here at Silverthorne Attorneys has exposed us to over three dozen types of personal injury categories. We have been successful in cases dealing with various types of poisoning, workplace accidents, premises liability incidents, and even dog bites. Check our homepage and you will find a complete listing. Chances are your injury will fall under a type or category that we have handled in the past.

One of the most typical accident types we see as a bodily injury attorney for our clients involves a traffic accident with motor vehicles on roadways. State Route 18 (Big Bear Boulevard) saw 86 collisions in 2014, resulting in 56 separate injuries. Only a handful happened in this vicinity, but the potential is there, and if you incurred your injuries on or near SR 18, we have familiarity with various locations that gives us an advantage with your case already. We have also seen several other landmarks in injury reports including Interlaken Shopping Center, Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain, and Boulder Bay Park. If your personal injury is related to any of these areas, or anywhere in Big Bear Lake for that matter, please collect all pertinent paperwork and contact us as soon as you can for an evaluation of your case.

In personal injury cases, there is a concept applied called a contingency fee basis. It has to do with how your personal injury lawyer receives payment for representing you and the services entailed. This is agreed upon once we accept your case. Most people do not have the funds for representation after an accident, plus we feel that you have rights as a faultless victim. Essentially, we will be paid a percentage of the compensation we are able to get you through negotiations with an insurance company or a settlement in a court of law. Should there be a remote chance that your case does not have a strong enough basis for compensation, then we are owed nothing and the case is complete. However, our confidence allows us to invest the time for you

If You Are Not Prepared- Do Not Fret-We Are Ready!

There is a saying that states β€œif it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” Litigation in personal injury cases can be very difficult, time consuming, and have multiple dynamics. But that is what your plaintiff lawyer is for-to handle your case. This is not the type of thing that you want to attempt alone. You, as the plaintiff in litigation matters, need to focus on your health, medical condition, personal healing and recovery. When a leading team member from Silverthorne Attorneys is your plaintiff attorney, everything else is professionally and compassionately handled during the duration of your case. Do not be ashamed or embarrassed to reach out to us. The accident was not your fault. Let us help you put your life back together. Get started today and contact us at your earliest convenience.

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Hello! I am very proud to say I obtained Ian silverthorne as my lawyer. As a single mother of three it is very difficult to find help In tough situations. In this situation I had been in a car accident which totaled my vehicle. This was a nightmare. The police department gave me trouble and with held my police report proving the other driver was at fault. The insurance company refused to give me any help and rejected my claim. I contacted a few different attorneys and they gave me no hope. Finally I reached Ian Silverthorne. Instantly he was on the case. He had problems resolved in the matter of weeks and I was able to get another vehicle. I was truly blessed. Before I knew it he got me restitution. Now two years later and Mr. Silverthorne called me to make sure my injury was doing better and asked how my family was doing. As we all know it is rare to find good customer service. I was very happy with this firms loyalty and undivided attention. I would not use another lawyer ever again. Thank you so very much Mr. Silverthorne for what you did for my family. πŸ™‚ Very professional and quick with results. Everything was done through email and over the phone. Amazing I did not even leave my home. πŸ™‚
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