Preventing Accidents on Black Friday

black friday

While most people were able to complete their Black Friday shopping without incident, a physical fight occurred at one Kohl’s store in Orange County. What started as a shouting match ended in three people being arrested and one person going to the hospital.

According to the Orange County Register, two women were scratched and hit in the face by two other women and a teenager old shortly after 1 a.m at the Kohl’s in Tustin. It is not clear at this time what the cause of the argument was. It appears to be unrelated to the sales however.

One of the two women suffering from injuries was taken to a local medical center. Two women and the teenager were put under arrest without incident.

Unfortunately at this time of year people’s stress leads to inappropriate behavior. Although the holidays are to be a time of happiness and goodwill, people do not always act appropriately. Silverthorne Attorneys, Orange County personal injury attorneys, note the Kohl’s argument and a fight that broke out in a California Wal-Mart over a Barbie Doll as examples.

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