Boat Accident Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Get Legal Counsel for Your Boat or Jet Ski Accident in Orange County, California

The last thing you probably expected to happen is a boating accident, but with the popularity of boats increasing, it is a common occurrence to need a boat accident attorney. Especially in California, with an endless ocean, numerous lakes, many rivers and a great climate year round. Orange County locals and tourists ride on motorboats, yachts, fishing boats, sail boats, jet skis, catamarans, house boats, and speed boats for leisure, relaxation, and recreation. With so many vessels afloat and crowding our many and varied waterways, the odds are strong that you might encounter accident that causes a serious injury.

Silverthorne Attorneys knows that boating accidents are very serious and may result in injuries that could affect a person for the rest of their life. Our attorneys know when someone else is responsible for causing the accident you will want to take legal action against them.

Whether a negligent swimmer, water skier, boat, or Jet Ski is responsible for causing your boat accident, one of our injury attorneys will do everything they can to establish liability so that compensation will be provided.

Silverthorne Attorneys understands there are many factors that can contribute to boating accidents, including:

  • Operator error
  • Operator inexperience
  • Boating under the influence
  • Equipment Failure
  • Bad weather conditions

Representing Boating & Jet Ski Accident Victims in Orange County

At Silverthorne Attorneys, we represent people who have been injured in boating accidents caused by the negligence of others. As boat accident attorneys, we believe that negligent parties need to be held accountable when their actions cause harm or injury to others. When you choose an attorney from our firm to represent you during a personal injury claim, you can rest assured knowing your case is in dependable hands. Your boat accident lawyer from Silverthorne Attorneys will work ceaselessly to win you the compensation you need to cover expenses related to the boating accident.

Boat Accident Statistics

The U.S. Coast Coast Guard compiles statistics on reported recreational boating accidents. These statistics are derived from accident reports that are filed by the owners / operators of recreational vessels involved in accidents. Here is the data for accidents in California for all of 2011:

  • There were 399 total accidents in 2011
  • 52 people died from a boating accident
  • 322 people were injured
  • 134 accidents included property damage
  • Damages totaled $1,849,055

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