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Dirty Insurance Tricks Exposed by a Buena Park Bodily Injury Attorney

Never forget that insurance companies look out for themselves first. They want to do everything they can to minimize the amount of money they pay towards claims. Even if it leaves you without enough money to cover all of your damages, they will do their best to get your signature on as small a settlement as possible.

You should never allow the guilty party’s insurance company to take advantage of you, but it can be very difficult to prevent without an experienced bodily injury attorney to advocate for you. Below you will learn a few of the tricks that insurance companies routinely employ when trying to evade or minimize their responsibility.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Pushed Around

It can be very difficult to get justice when you’ve been injured in a negligent accident, especially if you have trouble finding a compassionate, dedicated accident lawyer who genuinely wants to help you. You should be able to focus on healing, but the sad truth is that you will likely have to jump through hoops just to start the process of seeking fair compensation if you try to tackle the challenge alone. Once you’ve started the process, you will be amazed at just how hard people work to keep you from getting a reasonable settlement.

Making sure that a professional plaintiff attorney is on your side will vastly increase the chances of getting the financial assistance you need to recover your health and resume your life. If you want to be represented by a company who cares about your unique needs and is ready to advocate for your best interests, please contact us for a completely free consultation that will answer any questions you may have.

1. They Record Everything You Say

When you initiate a call to an insurance company, you will likely hear a pre-recorded message warning you that they “may monitor and record your call”. However, unlike customer service companies that use these calls for training, insurance companies can and will use everything you say against you when it comes time to settle your case.

They will pressure you to make an official statement and describe the incident and your injuries in-depth. Often, they will pressure you to do this even though you may still be recovering and overwhelmed from the event. If you forget to mention one of your injuries or use words that could be twisted to imply that your injuries aren’t as serious as they are, they will use these recordings to their advantage.

Even saying that you are sorry about the accident could allow them to imply that you are partially at-fault. Sometimes, they will ask something as innocent as “how are you feeling?” while fishing for statements that can be used against you. The best way to avoid falling into these traps is to have a knowledgeable injury lawyer handle all official communication.

2. They Rush You by “Checking In” or Avoid You

Insurance companies will often have an agent call you frequently to encourage you to send your bills, medical record, work record, and other personal documents. They often use the excuse of wanting to “check in” and help you “speed up” the process.

The problem is that it can take time to fully understand the extent of your injuries and the impact on your life. Any seasoned bodily injury lawyer realizes that serious injuries can result in temporary or even permanent disability and cost far more than the immediate medical bills, but the insurance companies know they can avoid the costs of lasting injuries if they push to settle cases based on only the initial medical bill.

Alternatively, some insurance company agents prefer the avoidance game in the hopes of frustrating you into settling for a low amount or allowing time for important evidence and records to be misplaced while the statute of limitations draws closer to expiring. If that legal expiration date passes, you will have waived your right to receive any compensation.

3. They “Require” Documents They Want to Use Against You.

The agent assigned to you may tell you that they require complete access to your medical records, work history, and other private details of your life that may have nothing to do with the accident, and they often send a medical record release and work contact authorization for you to sign. However, it is absolutely false that the insurance company is entitled to all of your personal information.

While the bills and records regarding the treatment for your injuries suffered during the accident are important for your case, there is no reason that you should authorize full access to your lifelong medical and work history. They will take advantage of any extra information you provide by having an expert scrutinize your personal details for excuses to deny or minimize your claim. Agents often look for opportunities to claim that you had a pre-existing injury or condition that could have worsened the injuries caused due to their client.

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A Personal Injury Lawyer in Buena Park, California Should Seek Justice

Silverthorne Attorneys understands exactly how devastating a serious accident can be. Even if you didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries, the stress and worry of making sure that you and your family are safe and secure can be overwhelming. We believe that no one should have to worry about financial security due to someone else’s negligence. Whether it was you or a loved one who suffered, a caring Buena Park bodily injury attorney can be the key to winning your case.

We believe that every plaintiff lawyer should care deeply about the individual circumstances and needs of each client. No case is the same, and your case shouldn’t be treated like everyone else’s. You deserve personal attention from a legal representative who has your best interests at heart.

Every member of our staff genuinely cares about making sure that our clients get a fair deal. Insurance companies on the side of guilty parties always do their best to cheat victims out of the money they need to recover, but a skilled accident attorney knows exactly how to handle an at-fault party’s insurance to ensure a great outcome for you.

If you’ve been in an accident and want to ensure that your rights are being respected, please contact us right away for a free consultation.

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