Burn Injury Attorneys

Let an Experienced Burn Injury Law Firm Fight and Win Your Claim for You

Burn injuries are unfortunately far more common than we suspect. Statistics reveal that over a million people suffer such injuries every year across the US. Burn injuries can be minor ones, that can be treated without hospitalization or they can have devastating, life changing impact on the victim. Irrespective of the degree of severity of the burn injuries you have sustained, you do undergo substantial physical pain as well as emotional trauma. Silverthorne Attorneys are Orange County Burn injury lawyers who will ensure that you are rightfully compensated for this suffering. Call us and we will help you present your burn injuries case in the most effective way in court.

The Many Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can occur in a variety of situations both indoors and outdoors for example residential locations and commercial establishments. Apart from situations where you sustain injuries when you come in contact with open flame or hot objects, you may also fall victim to this kind of injury from faulty equipment or chemicals. When such an incident takes place, the very first thing that needs to be done is to get medical help. Once you have received emergency medical care, contact our team of expert burn injuries attorneys to learn how you should proceed with filing a California personal injury case to ensure that you are compensated in full for your distress.

What Kind of Compensation is Possible in Burn Injury Cases?

With our experienced burn injuries attorneys representing you, you are in a position to present the facts of the case in a convincing manner in court. We help you win rightful compensation to make up for:

  • Cost of medical treatment post injury
  • Loss of wages owing to your inability to work post injury
  • Emotional trauma and distress
  • Scarring/ Disfigurement as a result of the burn injuries
  • Disability arising as a result of the incident
  • Physical trauma and pain
  • Impairment in quality of life

No amount of financial compensation can truly make up for the distress and suffering you undergo when you are the victim of a burn injury. However, Silverthorne’s competent burn injury attorneys in Orange County will fight to protect your rights, reduce the financial burden that medical costs & loss of property have imposed on you and your family, and can help pursue justice from the responsible party.

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