Burn Victims: Facts About Your Claim


According to a recent study, fire accidents are the leading cause of domestic and industrial-related deaths in the U.S. With an estimate of 1,350 deaths reported a year and approximately 5,000 people hospitalized after suffering a burn from workplace accidents. on average 200 of all of the burns injuries suffered are fatal.

Many of those working in hospitals see the following burn injuries:

  • Chemical Burns – these types of burns occur when a synthetic, corrosive substance comes into contact with soft tissue – skin, eyes, ears, internal organs, etc.
    • These corrosive substances include acids, solvents, etc.
  • Electrical Burns – these are a result of any contact with an alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). These types of burns occur from touching a live electrical socket or wire, falling into electrified waters, being struck by lightning, etc.
  • Thermal Burns – these are possibly the most common. These occur when you come into direct contact with a flame, steam, boiling liquids. They can occur from touching hot, solid objects such as pipes, tools, engines, or motors. Extended exposure to the sun can also cause what is generally known as a sunburn but is actually considered a thermal radiation burn.

The Different Burn “Ratings” and What they Mean

First Degree Burns

These burns affect the outer layer of the skin only. This is the least serious of all of the burns. the end result from this type of burn include redness, a little pain, discomfort. the best remedies for these types of burns include antiseptic ointments, and topical pain killers are usually enough for treatment.

Second Degree Burns

These burns are similar to a First Degree Burn. However, they are a little more serious. as it affects the first and second layers of skin and causes redness, pain, and again discomfort. These types of burns usually result in blisters and after healing, possibly scarring.

Third Degree Burns

These burns extend into the fatty layer underneath both layers of skin. This type of burn can penetrate deep enough to damage and destroy nerves. They result in a waxy. white, or leather-like skin. in addition to seeking medical care right away, these burns normally require pain management therapy as well as pain medication.

Fourth Degree Burns

This burn category is the most serious of all four. This burn penetrates deeply beneath the skin, not only causing nerve damage and charred muscles, but can also be damaging to tendons, ligaments and bones. Fourth degree burns are usually the most fatal.

If burns are severe, the treatment and recovery process can become more complicated and therefore you have a every right to make a claim for any damages. Here are a few things to consider when filing a burn injury claim:

Severe Burns

  • The type of burn you are subjected to, as well as the chance of recovery will always depend on the area of the body that has be burned. for instance, a badly burned limb (hand, arm, leg, foot, etc.) will most likely need to be amputated and therefore is no cure – for these types of burns, extensive plastic surgery is recommended for treatment.
    • In regards to compensation, the claim will take into account the intense amount physical suffering, any medical expenses, lost earnings, psychological trauma, and any punitive damages.
  • It is the duty of your employer to provide a safe and healthy working environment. If your burns were caused by the negligence of your employer, you should consider making a claim.
  • Faulty equipment can result in fires that cause those to suffer from burns due to a car accident. Filing a burn injury claim will help you received compensation for any injuries you have sustained from a car accident.

The most important aspect of filing a claim is the presence of what is called gross negligence or carelessness by a third party that caused your burn. You will have the burden of proof when making your claim, and stating that you would not be suffering had the burn not occurred. the more you are able to prove a third party is the direct cause of the burn, the better your chances will be of getting a fair settlement.

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