California Dog Bite Statistics

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It may come as a bit of a surprise to some, but California has the highest number of dog bite claims in the U.S. That was not a surprise to the dog attack attorney’s in our office. Every dog attack lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys knows that dog bites are costing insurers a great deal of money. as a dog bite attorney in Orange County we see a rang of different dog bite cases. We see anything from simple flesh wounds to more severe injuries. as a dog bite lawyer in Orange County, we want you to know that the victim does have rights. If you are looking for a reputable dog bite injury attorney, contact us today!

Dog Attack Attorney | Dog Bite Statistics

According to a study by the Los Angeles Times, there were almost 2,000 dog bite claims in 2014. This means that is cost nearly $64.7 million – the highest in any state. Though, as a dog attack lawyer, we do want to inform you that these claims also include non-bite injuries. These include scratching, tripping, knocking down, or frightening someone. It is estimated that the average cost per claim has gone up more than 45% in the last decade. the reason being? Increased medical costs and treatment. As a dog bite attorney in Orange County, we have seen many different kinds of dog bites. Some bites are bad enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. as an Orange County dog attack attorneys, some of our clients have needed surgery and physical therapy after an attack.

Dog Attack Lawyer | Increase in Dog Bites

According to studies there was an 86% increase in hospitalizations due to dog bites from 1993-2008. the amount of hospitalizations due to dog bites increase from 5,100 in 1993 to 9,500 in 2008. the average cost per treatment, according to a dog bite injury attorney in our office, is about $18,000 per patient. Numbers were gathered that patients were kids under 5 and seniors over 65. the number of emergency room visits due to dog bites reached over 1,000 per day in 2001.

In our research, dog bite lawyer’s in our office found that there was an 82% increase in dog bite fatalities from 1980 to 2012. the last known statistic, in 2013, notes that there were approximately 32 human deaths. the highest was in 2012 with 37 deaths. It is unfortunate to note that the number of fatalities caused by dog bites has gone up. a dog attack lawyer in our office notes that this is because more and more families have dogs. It is also because a lot of dogs are either not trained properly or are not trained at all.

Dog Bite Attorney | The Most Common Areas Dogs Bite

As a dog bite lawyer, we want you to know that not all dog bites are life threatening. Dogs bite for many reasons. the main reasons are because they feel threatened. a lot of hospitalizations for dog bites required treatment for skin and underlying tissue infection. Most people are unaware that it is not the actual bite that can be fatal or harmful. Yes, it can be. but most of the treatment needed is due to infections caused by a bite or attack. the most common areas a dog bites are the arms and legs. This is because these are the most accessible areas on your body.

Dog Bite Lawyer | Financial Burden of Dog Bites

Hiring a dog bite lawyer in our office will actually help to relieve the burden of any medical bills. While we work on a contingency fee basis only, we will always work hard for you. as an Orange County dog bite injury attorney we take great pride in helping our clients get the kind of settlement they deserve. That means that while our client’s are focusing on getting treatment for their wounds, we will be working to make sure that you and your family do not have to worry about your expenses.

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If you or a family member are suffering from injuries, contact a dog bite attorney in our office. We are more than happy to hear your case. Every dog attack attorney in our office wants to work for you to make sure that your needs are met. You will never have to worry about anything when you have a dog bite lawyer in our office take your case on. Contact a dog bite injury attorney in our office today. Consultations are free!