Caltrans Accident Lawyers in Orange County, CA

Caltrans Fault Negligence

We at the Silverthorne Law Firm will be the first to tell you that highway traffic collisions are a common occurrence and many go without consequence. However, when your vehicle is involved in a highway or street collision due in part to the negligence of city employees, contractors, state CalTrans crew, or other drivers you may be entitled to recovery for your damages. In many instances falling objects from truck and big rigs cause serious injuries leading to fatal auto accidents.

Watch Out For Flying Objects or Debris

Many have experienced foreign debris causing damage or accidents to their vehicle or bodies. Foreign debris from asphalt, potholes or other vehicles can inflict serious injuries and entitle you to recovery. When a party fails to properly fasten their “load” and subsequent damage is caused they can be held liable for the injuries suffered.

The attorneys in our firm deal regularly with the failures to properly fasten cargo that can cause very serious damage to vehicles within proximity to them. Our lawyers note that cargo related accidents resulting from improperly fastened cargo or freight cause hundreds of accidents annually. Our offices have the resources to join defendants and help you achieve maximum recovery for your accident.

Highways in Southern California are common places for accidents as vehicles traveling at high speed cannot always control themselves. In this case, the improper installation or total lack of guard rails along drop offs, cliffs and other dangerous areas in highways could lead to serious injuries, severe accidents and sometimes wrongful death. After a consultation with our legal experts, you can determine whether or not you can file a case against CalTrans for negligence.

  • Defective, missing or dangerous guard rails Missing or defective gates at signals/ railway crossings
  • Improper or inadequate drainage (excessive pooling)
  • No protective barriers at gore points

Our Lake Forest, CA CalTrans negligence attorneys support any individual who has been harmed owing to the negligence of CalTrans highway employees at construction sites as well as design flaws and weaknesses on roads and highways.

We wants you know that freight related accidents are very dangerous primarily because they occur on interstate highways when vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed. Additionally, the cargo is generally heavy or bulky items which can cause serious injury.

Steps to Take After an Accident: What to Do After a Highway Crash

We specifically want readers to know most victims fail to take down notes regarding all events surrounding the incident including the weather, speed and make of the vehicle, whether the cargo was properly secured and if secured by what means. This information is critical to establishing liability and obtaining the best recovery possible. Our offices have the resources to aggressively pursue your case; we will make sure to help you obtain sufficient recovery to pay for any and all medical costs and the repair of your vehicle.

If you have been injured in a CalTrans accident in Orange County, do not hesitate to contact Silverthorne Attorneys. We have offices in Huntington Beach, Ladera Ranch and Anaheim and consultations are free!