Taxi Cab Accident Attorney in Orange County, CA

Accidents from taxi or public transportation make news in part because there can be large numbers of persons who are injured or killed in those accidents. The Orange County car accident lawyers at Silverthorne Attorneys have great depth of experience handling claims for clients who have been involved in these types of accidents. We are a law firm that is highly qualified, licensed, and authorized to practice law in all Courts in the State of California. Therefore, we have the resources available to properly represent taxi cab transportation accident victims in connection with their insurance claims, cases or associated legal matters. Persons who travel via bus, train, subway, airplanes, ferries or other public transportation provider are at risk of personal injury or even wrongful death if that carrier is in an accident.

People do not realize the risk they are in when they are taking public forms of transportation. For out of town visitors and people who do not own or drive a car, a taxi may be a reliable and convenient means of travel. A lot of times people will be on vacation, take a cab and not wear a safety-belt like they normally do. A taxi cab gets a lot of miles accumulated during the time they are in commission. If at any moment the cab company doesn’t properly maintain these vehicles, it greatly increases your odds of being in an accident. Driver error is also a common reason as to why taxis get in accidents. Drivers can either be tired from driving so long or in a rush and take chances driving they wouldn’t normally take. If you are a passenger in a taxi, limo or any other similar vehicle, you have certain rights in the event of an accident. Generally speaking, the taxi driver will be presumed negligent in the event of a taxi accident.

We Will Help You With Your Taxi Accident in California

Silverthorne Attorneys aggressively represents and fights for the rights and interests of victims who have sustained personal injuries or wrongful death as the result of taxi cab transportation accidents, taxi accidents and related common carrier motor vehicle accidents. In so doing, our law firm has successfully represented numerous injured auto accident victims in legal actions in and through out the entire State of California.

Whether you hire a taxi in the middle of downtown to take you to another part of the city or county, or you hire a taxi to take you to or from the airport, special rules of liability apply to the taxicab owner and its driver. Because it carries passengers for a fee, a taxicab is considered to be a “common carrier.” As a common carrier, a taxi cab driver owes his or her passengers the highest degree of safety in transporting them to their destinations. If you were a passenger in a cab or shuttle that was struck by another vehicle, or your own car was in a collision with a taxi, Silverthorne Attorneys are here protect your rights and pursue the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.