What Do I Do if My Neck Starts Hurting After a Car Accident?

After being in a car accident, many injuries can occur throughout your body that you may not even be aware of. If you are suffering from neck pain, you might have a whiplash injury. Whiplash is the sudden movement of the head backwards, sideways, or forwards that results in damage to the muscles and ligaments in the neck and upper back. Whiplash is something that should be taken care of right away, as the healing process can take weeks, possibly months. Other injures that can occur include headaches, fatigue, upper back pain, and shoulder pain.

For some of these car accident injuries, recovery time can range anywhere from six to nine months, depending on the care you receive. If you have a whiplash injury or any other neck injury, we suggest seeking out a chiropractor who has treated victims of a car accident. A chiropractor can not only adjust you, but can give you the necessary at home tools to help you heal from your injuries.

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