Common Reasons for Dog Attacks


Irvine Central Dog Bark is a great dog park for Irvine dog owners and their pets. Located near the Great Park of OC, the Dog Bark is affectionately referred to by dog owners who relish the ability to freely exercise their dogs in wide open space with amenities for small and large dogs alike. Unfortunately, when dog owners fail to exercise their dogs, the pet can become filled with rage and energy that it may unleash on an unsuspecting victim in the Irvine community at any time. If you have been the victim of a dog bite attack in Irvine, you should contact Silverthorne Attorneys for help managing your legal case.

Are You Suffering from Injuries Due to a Dog Bite? Contact a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Today!

Silverthorne Attorneys can help you by setting up medical care to make sure that you begin to heal from your dog bite wounds. We believe that no one should suffer silently and risk their health even further by leaving an injury as serious as a dog bite unchecked. the reason dog bite injuries can be serious is that the dog may have rabies and if you have contracted the infection, you will need medication and medical supervision for your safety. Irvine dog bite victims have nothing to worry about when they allow Silverthorne Attorneys handle their case. We are respectful, caring and knowledgeable about dog bite cases. We have handled thousands of these types of cases. Located nearby Irvine, we can conveniently meet you at your home to gather the evidence of the dog bite attack. Call us today for a free consultation!