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Did you know that more than three million people in the United States are injured in car accidents every year? Every case and accident is unique and the injuries that result from each accident varies. However, there are some injuries that are more common than others after an accident. as any car accident attorney can tell you, some injuries can and do resolve themselves within a matter of days. but it is likely that some, such as whiplash will not. Below, I am going to go over the most common traumatic injuries people sustain due to an accident. If you are suffering from serious injuries due to an accident, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your case. Consultations with an accident lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys are free!

Car Accident Attorney | Important Questions

Before we dive deep into the common traumatic injuries, I want to go over some important questions. for instance, the type and severity of injuries suffered by drivers and passenger involved in an accident with depend on the following factors:

  • Was the person wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident?
  • Where was the car hit?
    • Were they hit from the side, rear, or front?
  • Were they facing ahead in their seat? or was their body or head turned in a certain direction?
  • Was it a low-speed collision or a high-speed crash?
  • Did the car have airbags and did they deploy in the accident?

These are some common and important questions that your car accident attorney will be asking you when you call the office.

Common Traumatic Injuries

There are two broad categories of injuries that are caused by car accidents. Those are impact injuries and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries are usually caused when part of someone’s body hits a part of the interior of the car. Usually the dashboard or the head hitting the seat rest or the side window. Penetrating injuries can be as little as cuts or scrapes, but can be as serious as gashes or more. Shattering glass or loose objects that fly inside the car on impact can often cause these injuries. Below is a list of other serious, traumatic injuries.

Brain & Other Head Injuries

Trauma to someone’s head in an accident can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI’s can be mild, like a concussion, or severe and can result in impaired function, speech, vision, etc. TBI’s are complex injuries that can produce symptoms that last for a few weeks, or in some cases, the rest of the person’s life.

The impact from a collision can send metal and plastic fragments flying through the vehicle. These can cause injuries to the face or jaw such as fractures, loss of teeth, ear injuries that result in hearing loss. Eye injuries and loss of sense of smell and more can be attributed to head injuries as well.

Back & Neck Injuries

The most common neck and back injury is whiplash. Whiplash can cause damage to the vertebrae and soft tissues of your neck and back and needs to be treated right away. More severe injuries can affect the spinal cord. Therefore causing paralysis or other loss of body function.

A critical part of your respiratory system is your trachea and larynx. and damage to these organs can impair your ability to breathe. It can impact the amount of oxygen you are able to take in and can result in anoxic brain injuries that require long-term care.

Chest Injuries

Chest injuries are also a common result of car accidents. These injuries can typically take the form of contusions or bruises, but can be more severe, such as broken ribs, broken sternum (breast bone), and other fractures trauma to major internal organs. Using a seatbelt will greatly reduce the severity of chest injuries.

Injuries to the chest are often sustained because of the victims position behind the steering wheel. This allows very little freedom of movement before the chest collides with the steering wheel. and if someone’s body is thrown forward in the collision, the chest area will experience a high level of force against the seatbelt, which can cause severe bruising.

Arm & Leg Injuries

The same force that throws someone’s head in a collision acts similarly on the arms and legs. for leg injuries, these are typically caused when your legs come into contact with another part of the car. Whether that be the dashboard or seats in front (if you are in the backseat). These injuries range from bruises to multiple fractures, torn cartilage, etc.

If you are in a side impact accident, your arms and legs may be thrown hard against the door. While in the passenger and back seats, your legs typically have little room to move about. Accidents can cause knees to hit the dashboard or seats in front of them.

Arm injuries can be due to trying to brace yourself in the collision.

Keep in mind that not all of these injuries will be readily apparent. That is why it is best to seek medical attention right away. Even if you think your injuries are minor.

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