How to Deal with Tailgaters

beware tailgating

Tailgating is dangerous because it leaves the driver with little distance should the car in front suddenly slow down. the tailgater endangers both himself and the driver in front of him. If you are a safe driver and a tailgater has you in his sights, he negates your safe driving by exposing you to the very danger you wish to avoid. However, our car accident lawyer put together some measures you can take to reduce or eliminate the danger.

Double Your Following Distance

If you are using the three second rule to determine your following distance, double it to six seconds. Be careful not to do this too quickly because the tailgater may misinterpret this as an aggressive action. Doubling your following distance allows you to brake more gradually when the traffic ahead slows down. This makes it easier for the tailgater to react. You are essentially adding his safe following distance to yours.

Safely Get Out of His Way

It may seem like you are “giving in” by getting out of his way. Remember that driving is not a contest of dominance. The objective is to get to your destination safely and getting out of the tailgater’s way does exactly that.

If you are on a road with a single lane for each direction, look for a safe spot to pull over. If you are on a multilane highway, move to the lane on your right. Sometimes the tailgater cannot pass on your left because you are matching the speed of another car to your left. You and the car to your left are blocking the tailgater. Adjust your speed so that he can get around the “blockade.”

Make it Easy for Him to Pass

When there is a straight section where passing is safe, slow down slightly to make it easier for him to pass. Keep your speed constant when he passes so that he can easily judge distances.

As a final note, never use aggressive counter measures against the tailgater. Actions such as hitting your brakes, using obscene gestures, or speeding up and slowing down to frustrate him are forms of road rage. Road rage causes accidents.

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