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Dangers of Speeding

The ramifications of speeding while driving are serious. Any reputable accident attorney will tell you, though speeding seems fun, it can cause serious injuries. Speeding is not only defined as driving beyond the posted speed limit. It is also defined as driving too fast and dangerous for the road’s conditions. As an accident lawyer, we understand why people speed. Most people speed because they are running late to work or an appointment. Some people are not paying attention to posted speed limits. As a car accident attorney in Orange County, we also know that some people speed to have fun. As a car accident lawyer, we see these kinds of accidents all the time. While not everyone is caught speeding, it can inflict a lot of damage to yourself, the vehicle, and others. If you have been injured by a speeding driver, contact an auto accident attorney in our office.

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Dangers of Driving Over the Speed Limit

According to a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one-third of fatal car crashes involve drivers who were speeding. Which means that speeding comes a close second to alcohol related injuries and deaths in car accidents. Through our research, Orange County accident lawyer, Silverthorne Attorneys has found that there are 13,000 reported deaths each year from speeding related accidents.

Avoiding the dangers of speeding will increase your ability to make turns and adjust your turn radius if need be.

The Problem of Speeding

According to a study done by the NHTSA, about 27% of young driver and passenger deaths are due to speeding related accidents. Any auto accident attorney can tell you that passenger vehicles cannot handle high-speed crashes. As the crash speed gets higher, the airbags and seat-belts do not work as well. They are less likely to keep the passenger safe. Here are some more facts that our car accident attorney has put together:

  • Crashes at high speeds influence the risk of injuries in three ways:
    • by the time the driver is aware of any danger, they have already traveled closer to the danger;
    • the driver will have to brake harder;
    • the impact of the crash will be more severe.
  • If the driver doubles their speed – from 20mph to 40mph – the braking distance does not become twice as long. It is four times.
    • traveling at 55mph, will take roughly 6 seconds to stop a vehicle that will travel approximately 302 feet before coming to a complete stop. This means that the car will travel longer than the distance of a football field.
  • The stopping distance of the car will depend on four things:
    • the driver’s perception of time;
    • a driver’s reaction time;
    • the driver’s vehicle reaction time;
    • a driver’s vehicle braking capability.
  • When a driver is speeding, other drivers will not be able to tell how fast they are going.
    • this is, of course, dependent upon how much faster than the speed limit they are traveling.
  • Speeding to keep up with traffic is illegal and the driver can still get a ticket.
  • Every driver should consider road conditions. Weather, road design, slow downs, construction, etc.
  • It is easier to lose traction when speeding around a curve and roll the car.

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 Speed Matters

Many of the states raised their speed limits in 1996. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) found that when these states increased their speed limits, the number of speeding related car accidents went up. Driving at an excessive speed decreases the amount of time a driver has in order to avoid an accident. As an accident attorney, we have seen that the force of a crash’s impact doubles with every 10 mile per hour increase in speeds that are faster than 50mph. This means that there are greater risks of serious injuries or fatalities due to the higher rate of speed.

The NHTSA states that those who have a tendency to speed also engage in other risky behaviors. For example, they are less likely to wear seat belts which means that their likelihood of being seriously injured is much greater.

Be Safe

While driving fast may be fun, it is also incredibly dangerous. Not only for the driver, but for passengers as well as other drivers on the road. When driving at faster speeds, you lose your ability to control your vehicle.

Speeding can also be very expensive. A car accident lawyer at Silverthorne Attorneys wants people to know that a speeding ticket can set you back anywhere from $150-$1,000. Those who are caught driving at excessive speeds will pay more. There is also the danger of losing your license. Speeding violations add points to your license. If you accumulate enough points, your license will be suspended.

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Dangers of Speeding When Children are Present

Our main office here in Ladera Ranch is located in the same business park across the street from Ladera Ranch KinderCare. I spent a good portion of my morning outside. I was watching cars drive through the business park and was astounded by what I was seeing. Cars speeding through the business center, cars taking advantage of the good old “California Roll” – which I must admit, I have been guilty of, myself. People not looking at the road ahead, people texting or talking on their phones, etc. California driving laws state that the driver of a vehicle must not be on their phone or use any other handheld device while they are operating a vehicle. California law also states that the maximum speed limit in business districts as well as in school zones, when children are present is 25mph. Though I did not have a speedometer ready at hand with me as I sat outside, I am fairly familiar with what 25mph looks like.

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I usually like to walk to the nearby Starbucks or the cute café near the office on my lunch break. And even for me, a thirty-one-year-old woman. it is not always safe when people are speeding through the business park. I can only imagine what would happen if one of the children happened to be walking by or playing in the area. Though there are high gates that surround the KinderCare Facility, I do know some children, no matter how well you watch them, are little escape artists and like to explore and play outdoors. I am by no means trying to discredit the capabilities of the teachers and the aids at the facility. Things happen and sometimes little ones can be little ninja’s when they truly want to wander about, or if a ball rolls into the street and the child runs after it. However, it always surprises me when I see people being a little less careful in an area where children are present.

I understand the feeling of being in a hurry. Commuting to work, I find myself rushing, all in the hopes that I left the house on time and was able to beat traffic. Life gets hectic because everyone is busy and we all have at least five different things on our plates at any given moment. If people take time to pay attention, to slow down a little bit, not only in life, but while driving, especially in an area where there are young children, arriving to work a little bit late may be worth it. Because we can all say, “that will never happen.” But what about that one in a million chance that it may happen. I know I don’t want to take that risk with my life, and I especially don’t want to take that risk with a young child’s life.

Safety – children’s safety, especially – is just so important. They are our future. Our hopes and our dreams. It’s important to keep them safe – and if that means slowing down, following the rules of the road, and perhaps paying a little more attention to what is around us while we are driving; especially near a school or place of learning – it is well worth it.

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Have a fun and safe week, everyone! And keep coming back as we continue our weekly series on Child Safety.

Construction Zone Speed Limits

As I have been driving from state to state the past week or so, I have noticed that there is a lot of road construction going on. And when I say a lot, I mean… every state and every highway I have been on there is at least one or two construction zones. I haven’t been able to snap pictures, because, well, because living in California and being on your phone while driving means there is a pretty hefty fine. So, that got me to thinking. Since I work for an accident attorney, I wanted to discuss the work zone safety limits for the state of California. And then tell everyone what I noticed as I have been driving from state to state. If you need an auto accident attorney, contact Silverthorne Attorneys today. Consultations are free!

Work Zone Safety

With all of the construction going on along the highways, it is best that we all slow down and obey the laws of the road. For instance, I was driving through rural parts of Illinois the other day. And I must tell you, the roads here are very different. People actually go the speed limit. Not just during regular hours of traffic, but in construction zones as well. I have noticed, the five years that I have been in Southern California, many people do not obey these traffic laws. Even in work zones. Below is what to do when you are approaching a work zone.

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Approaching a Work Zone

When you are driving along and come up on a work zone, I know that it can be distracting. We should always do our best to make sure that we are being safe. Not only because there could be loose gravel on the roads, but because there are workers likely in those safety zones. You should look out for the following:

  • stay alert and be aware of your surroundings;
  • pay close attention to signs and work zone flaggers ahead;
  • merge early – do not wait until the last minute to get over;
  • avoid additional distractions;
  • do not speed – not only is there a hefty fine, but you can end up hurting someone;
  • expect the unexpected – anything can happen; that is why there are posted speed limits and why you should be careful to follow those speed limits
  • be patient

Tailgating and Fines

Did you know that most rear-end accidents occur when cars are following too closely? This is because you do not enough room to stop in time. You need at least 2.5 seconds to react and an additional second per 10mph to react. For example, if you are traveling at 55mph, you need at least eight seconds to stop in time. However, some speed limits in work zones have been decreased to 45mph or even 25mph depending on the location and the work that is being done.

With that being said, fines are double in highway work zones. And they can easily be upwards of $1,000 or more for those who drive aggressively, text and drive, or are otherwise not paying attention and driving recklessly.

Work Zone Facts

Below are some interesting facts about work safety zones. Remember! Be safe!

  • drivers and their passengers are at an even greater risk than workers;
    • 85% of those seriously injured and killed in a work zone accident are drivers and/or passengers
  • on average, 1,000 Caltrans vehicles are struck per year;
  • in 2013, vehicles crashed into 45% of highway work zones
  • 185 Caltrans workers have been killed on the job since 1921

Making sure that you are obeying all posted traffic laws when you are in work zones is so important. It can mean the difference between life and death and being injured or staying safe.

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligent actions of another, please do note hesitate to contact us. Consultations with an auto accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys are free!

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Staring into the azure waters of the Pacific, a calm breeze gently nudges against the sail of your new boat.  After a relaxing day out at sea, you decide to head back to the marina. You meet up with a few friends for dinner at one of your favorite, local restaurants.  Reaching the dock, you secure your boat and venture over to the parking lot.

Climbing into the front seat of your car, you buckle your seatbelt and push the key into the ignition.  Making sure to check your mirrors before pulling out of the spot, you leave the parking space and journey onto Dana Drive.  Following such a tranquil afternoon, you have no idea how quickly your day is about to change.

Suddenly, as you approach the intersection to leave the point, a car speeding along Island Way takes the turn on two wheels and skids into oncoming traffic.  Doing your best to avoid a head-on collision, you swerve your vehicle onto a nearby lawn.  Unable to fully avoid the dangerous path made by the other driver, their front bumper crashes into the side of your automobile.  Whipping around a full one hundred eighty degrees, your car finally rests in the opposite direction you were originally travelling.

accident lawyer

Pushing the airbag away from your face, you unbuckle your seatbelt and reach for the door handle.  As soon as your head turns in the direction of the window, a razor-sharp pain emanates from the back of your neck.  Realizing that you will not be able to safely vacate the vehicle, you pull out your phone and dial emergency services.  Instead of meeting your friends for dinner after such a relaxing day, you will now be headed to the hospital.

Have you been in an accident? Contact an accident lawyer today!

Even though you take every precaution to prevent a car accident, have you recently been struck by a speeding driver?  If so, then you may be eligible for compensation.  Let our expert team of Dana Point Accident lawyers at Silverthorne Attorneys get you the compensation that you deserve.  Contact us today for  a free consultation.

Dangers of Speeding in the Mountains

For the next month or so, Silverthorne Attorneys’ blog will be on the road and we will be discussing all different topics as the month of September rolls along. Today, we are going to discuss the dangers of speeding when traveling through the mountains.  Working for an accident lawyer in Southern California, we don’t usually travel through mountains to get anywhere. Usually, we sit in a lot of traffic. Today’s post will be something different. As I was driving from Northern California, up the 5 freeway, into Oregon, I couldn’t help but notice has reckless people drive through the mountains. Below are some of the dangers that come with driving through the mountains. If you have been injured in an accident, contact an auto accident attorney in our office. Consultations are free!

accident lawyer, auto accident attorney

Dangers of Speeding

We already know the dangers of speeding on the highway. However, speeding on the highway when you are in the mountains is a completely different beast. I will not lie, there were times I got a  little anxious when I saw people blasting by me at nearly 80mph through the mountains. And I could not help but think, “how are they making these turns that fast and not freaking out?” That aside, there are real dangers to speeding through areas such as these.

Speeding in and of itself can be dangerous. It can cause an accident that can leave people seriously injured. Most people forget that, even though they are sitting still, their “still” body is also going whatever speed the car is traveling at. For instance, if you’re traveling at 70mph, your body is also traveling at that speed. Even though it feels as if you are sitting still and not moving. You should also be aware that traveling at speeds that are not necessarily considered “too fast” or even the speed limit can cause damage if you are in an accident.

Things to Remember

While it is lucky to say that there were guardrails as I was driving through the mountains, in some terrains there are not. Which means that speeding along through the sharp turns can be extra dangerous. Please always be cautious of this. Also, if you are someone who is anxious, like I can be, never be afraid to drive in the slow lane. Something I have learned from living in Southern California and working for an auto accident attorney is that you truly never can be too cautious when you are driving. This is especially true when you are driving in the mountains.

Those Curves

Believe it or not, speeding around curves can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Even if you feel that you are confident, do your best to be careful. There are more big-rigs on the road than you think or likely will expect. I caution everyone to be careful and make sure they are keeping their eyes on the road. If you have any distractions, try to free yourself of those while you are driving.

While you may not get great cell service during this drive, you sure will see a lot of beautiful mountains and trees along the way. It is worth keeping your eyes on the road for and paying as much attention as you can.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney if you have Been Injured!

Being on the road the last few days has been an interesting experience. There are so many different views of life and the road outside of California that I look forward to sharing with everyone over the next month.

Remember, be careful out there on those Orange County freeways. Be cautious of those winding roads and your speed. Take precautions when it comes to any outside distractions.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact us to discuss your case. Every accident lawyer in our office has experience dealing with insurance companies and getting our clients the settlement they deserve. We never back down to the bullying tactics of the insurance adjusters. The lawyers in our firm have years of experience dealing with insurance adjusters and we believe in doing what is right for our clients. The only thing you should truly be focusing on is getting your health back. Leave the rest to us.

Consultations with one of our auto accident attorneys are free!

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