Dangers of Running a Red Light

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This morning, as I was getting off the freeway on Oso Parkway, and my light turned green, I noticed five cars continue to come from the other direction. Clearly ignoring their red light. Luckily, the people ahead of me were paying attention to oncoming traffic. They didn’t start moving until we no one else was coming towards us. That is when I thought it would be an interesting idea to do a post on the dangers of running red lights. Working for a car accident lawyer, I pay so much more attention to the cars around me than I did before. Because I have seen the damage that is caused. If you are suffering from injuries due to a car accident, contact an auto accident attorney in our office today!

Auto Accident Attorney | Some Numbers

Sometimes we run late in the morning on our ways to work. It happens. Sometimes we are so caught up in other things and we don’t pay attention to what’s ahead. It happens. However, it is imperative that we always pay attention to what is going on around us. Here are some statistics I found on the consequences of running red lights.

  • In 2015, on average, 2 people died each day in red-light running accidents in the US;
  • From 2011 to 2015 an average of 719 people died each year due to running a red light;
  • In 2014, there were around 126,000 people injured;
  • 60 people died each month;
  • Red-light running crash fatalities increased 7% from 2011 to 2015 as the number of communities with red-light safety cameras decreased by 12%;
  • 51 more people died from crashes due to red-light running in 2015 than in 2011
    • Costing communities upwards of $336 Million
  • More than half of those killed in red-light accidents in 2014 were pedestrians, bicyclists, and those in other vehicles who were hit by red-light runners.

Car Accident Lawyer | Reasons to Stop On Red

Other than the fact that it against the law to run a red light, here are some other good and valid reasons to stop on red:

  • Running a red light is dangerous and can cause accidents that lead to death;
  • The cost to society of all crashes exceeds $230 billion annually;
  • One in three Americans know someone who has been injured or killed in an accident as a result of someone who ran a red light;
  • Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children aged 4 and the second leading cause of death for children under 3 and those 5-14;
  • As stated above, about half of the deaths caused in crashes involving red lights are innocent pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants of other vehicles;
  • Motorists in urban areas are more likely to be injured in crashes involving red lights than in any other type of crash;
  • Drivers who run red lights are more than three times as likely as other drivers to have multiple speeding convictions on their driving records;
  • More than 36% of drivers continue to run red lights and take risks
    • This is despite the fact that 55% of those who ran a red light said it was a serious threat and 73% acknowledge that running red lights is unacceptable.

All of us on the road have a responsibility to keep one another safe and avoid collisions. That not only applies to other drivers on the road, but pedestrians as well. Making sure to stop at red lights avoids accidents and keeps those around you (as well as yourself) safe. Even if you are running a little late in the morning, it is better to be a little bit late than get into an accident and seriously injure someone.

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I understand running late. Especially in the morning on the way to work. However, making sure that you get to work safe and that you are not putting others on the road in danger is a priority.

If you are suffering from injuries due to the negligence of another driver, you have rights. You have the right to receive compensation for your injuries and to get the treatment you deserve. Please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to an accident lawyer today. Consultations with an auto accident attorney in our office are free!