Dealing with Impatient Drivers

impatient driving

For the past several weeks your daughter has been excited about a school field trip to the local museum. Wanting to enjoy this experience with her, you decided to take a half day off of work. and sign up as one of the parental chaperones. With the day having finally arrived, you quickly finish up lunch, wave goodbye to everyone in the office, and venture out into the parking lot.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, you click your seatbelt into place and turn the key in the ignition. Making sure to check your mirrors first, you safely pull out of the spot and head towards the exit. After five minutes of driving, you roll down your windows and venture out onto Ortega Highway. Getting into the right lane, you continue your journey to the museum.

Suddenly, a car speeding in the left lane swiftly approaches the rear bumper of another vehicle, and is forced to slam on their breaks. While impatiently honking their horn at the car in front of them, without looking, the disgruntled driver swerves into the right lane. With no time to react, you look over in terror as their automobile draws terrifyingly closer to the side of your car.

Crash! While attempting to pass the vehicle in front of them, the impatient driver smashes right into you. Skidding across the lane, your car finally comes to rest on a lawn several feet away from the road. Pushing back the airbag, you immediately feel a sharp pain emanating from your left forearm. Inspecting your arm, you are horrified to discover that it is most likely broken. Instead of spending the next few hours at the museum, you head to the emergency room.

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