Defective Tires Attorney in Orange County, CA

Silverthorne Attorneys just points to the news: Michelin recalled 77,000 tires. Goodyear recalled 41,000 tires. Both of those are very recent. There are continuous recalls on tires from makers around the globe.

Yes, the tire companies cleverly toss off the responsibility, saying that the driving public has to care for their tires in half a dozen different ways. However, our product liability attorneys know that those tire company claims are aside from the faults inherent in their manufacture and production and design.

Our law firm experts on tires urge you to check your tires right now! No, not for air pressure or tread wear…check the brand and serial numbers. Run a check online to insure that your tires have not been recalled or are the subject of problems.

Defective Tires on Rental Cars

Michelin North America Inc. says its lease fleet customers complained that some of the tires had lost air rapidly during use as retreads over the past two years, prompting a company investigation. It did not cite any instances of crashes. Silverthorne Attorneys notes that fleet cars means Rental Cars. If you use rental cars, take note of the tires they use on any rented vehicle. If it is one of the many recalled or warning branded tires, stay away and get a different vehicle. Rental companies are notorious for sending out all manner of vehicles that have recall items and parts…without having the parts repaired or replaced as ordered by the manufacturer or the government. Our tire recall attorneys have familiarity with such cases and warns caution.

If you have suffered loss, injury of the death of the loved one from tire failure, call us right away. Time is critical as evidence can be lost and your claim has limits.

Additionally, as future advice, we suggest if you’re buying a used truck, van or SUV in the near future, you should check the type of tires on the vehicle before you seal the deal. Buying a used car with recalled tires is dangerous, and these recalls are a good reminder to have the tires checked out before you buy.